Analog Way, designer and manufacturer specialized in computer and video signal processing and distribution, develops a wide range of equipments dedicated to Pro A/V applications: Mixers and Seamless Switchers, Event Controllers, Scan Converters, Scalers & Switchers, Multi-Format Converters and Interfaces

Analog Way's products are being used around the globe in a variety of applications. Discover how our solutions can answer the needs of the following markets: 


Whether it is for boardrooms, shareholders meetings or international conferences, Analog Way provides signal processing and distribution solutions with smart functionalities and visual effects.

Rental & Staging

Analog Way offers a wide range of professional equipment for Rental & Staging professionals working on a variety of events, from small corporate meetings to large-scale product launches, concerts, etc.


With a full range of Scan Converters, Scalers & Switchers, Multi-format Converters and Interfaces, Analog Way can meet the needs of the most exacting TV Channels, Production and Post-Production Studios.

Houses of Worship

To create a contemporary worship experience, Houses of Worship can count on Analog Way’s user-friendly products. Designed to meet the needs of any type of church, Analog Way’s Switchers will help capture the worshiper’s attention and convey the message to the audience.


Whether it is for classrooms or larger auditoriums, face to face courses or distance learning, Analog Way’s High-End Seamless Switchers, Large Venue Presentation Switchers, Native Matrix Switchers, MultiViewers and Edge Blending systems provide user-friendly and cost-effective solutions to achieve state-of-the-art learning environment.


With its Mixers & Seamless Switchers, Scalers and Multi-Format Converters, Analog Way will help healthcare professionals have the clearest image possible for a great interpretation of their scan equipment.


For Courtrooms, Council Chambers or Governments, performing and reliable systems are necessary for good communication and collaboration. Analog Way’s Mixers & Seamless Switchers and Event Controllers are instrumental in seamlessly switching, monitoring and recording a variety of computer, audio and video sources.


Managing information through modern A/V technologies is key in the military field. For Command Control Centers, Briefing Centers and Simulators, Analog Way offers state-of-the-art reliable solutions.