Whether it is for boardrooms, shareholder meetings or international conferences, Analog Way provides signal processing and distribution solutions with smart functionalities and visual effects to help organizations deliver their message clearly and seamlessly.

Boardrooms / Conferences
Auditoriums, boardrooms, conference rooms and other critical communication environments require smooth and effective visual reinforcement.  
Whatever type and number of sources, display systems and organization of visual elements required, Analog Way has the solution to produce high-end effective presentations adapted to your needs:
- Signal processing and distribution of computer (powerpoint presentation from a laptop,…) or video sources (camera feed, DVD or Blu-Ray player,…)
- Various display opportunities: single screen, panoramic screen, multiple-screens,…
- Picture in Picture (PIP), titling, luma or chroma keying, stunning and dynamic transition effects, logo insertion, and many more features…

Analog Way’s High-End Seamless Switchers, Large Venue Presentation Switchers, Native Matrix Switchers, MultiViewers and Edge Blending systems will enable you to easily create impressive presentations. Thanks to a set of smart features and transition effects: Flying PIP, Smooth Move, Dynamic fit and much more, your message will not quickly be forgotten. 

Security systems are important for more and more companies. Analog Way provides solutions to have an accurate view of your camera feeds and monitor them easily, ensuring the effectiveness of your security system:
- Display of a multiple security camera feeds in high resolution
- Make the security cameras compatible with the LCD panels in the control room
- Record information from your security center using SD or HD video feeds

Analog Way’s MultiViewer systems and Scan Converters provide reliable and affordable solutions for your security center.

In addition, Analog Way offers a complete range of drivers and programmer’s guides to take full advantage of the flexibility and performance of its processors.