Managing information through modern A/V technologies is key in the military field. For Command Control Centers, Briefing Centers and Simulators, Analog Way offers state-of-the-art reliable solutions.

Our High-End Seamless Switchers, MultiViewers, Edge Blending systems, and Scan Converters will deliver high-quality signal processing and distribution of a variety of sources to help Military organizations fulfill their missions. See large, see more helps make decisions in all mission-critical applications.

Thus, many armies from the NATO member countries purchased our Mixers & Seamless Switchers. The Pulse LE (Ref. PLS200), Mixer Seamless Switcher with 2 Scalers and the Smart Quad (Ref. SQD200), Seamless Switcher with Quadravision mode, obtained an official NATO’s classification.
These products are now listed as official supply products of the NATO member nations’ armies.
The NATO’s classification code associated to the Pulse LE (Ref. PLS200) is 5836-14-571-7743 and the one associated to the Smart Quad (Ref. SQD200) is 5836-14-571-7745.

In addition, Analog Way offers a complete range of drivers and programmer’s guides to take full advantage of the flexibility and performance of its processors.