Analog Way Exhibits at ISE 2016 - Booth 1-N32

January 2016 - Analog Way, an innovation-driven designer and manufacturer that specializes in computer and video signal processing and distribution, is pleased to exhibit at ISE 2016 from February 9-12, 2016 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Analog Way will present the new VIO 4K, a premium multi-format converter, along with the NeXtage 08, the latest premium seamless switcher added to the LiveCore™ series. Also showcased on the booth will be the new firmware version for the Vertige™ remote controller that brings outstanding new features.

VIO 4K, the Ultimate Video Processing Toolbox

VIO 4K (Ref. V701) is a powerful multi-format converter offering the latest generation of digital connectivity. Natively equipped with seven inputs, VIO 4K enables the conversion of a multitude of signals including: Dual-link DVI, DisplayPort, HDMI, 6G-SDI Optical, and universal analog, into an impressive array of output signal formats up to 4K 30Hz. VIO 4K was designed to provide optimum versatility; it includes three slots for optional I/O modules, two for video processing with capacity to handle formats up to 4K 60Hz 4:4:4 and one for audio processing with XLR connectors. With all options, VIO 4K features nine inputs and three outputs. Although only one source can be processed simultaneously to the three outputs at any given moment, each video “copy” of the selected source can have different resolution and image area of coverage. Perfectly adapted for non-standard signal management, notably for LED walls, VIO 4K offers unique features and functionalities such as: output rotation, advanced management of the area of interest and unlimited layer resizing capabilities.
VIO 4K can be easily controlled directly from the front panel thanks to a large 3.5’ TFT color screen offering live visualization of sources as well as audio monitoring. A Web RCS is also available to control VIO 4K through Ethernet and USB plugs.

NeXtage 08 - Dual Output + Mosaic Preview Seamless Switcher

NeXtage 08 (Ref. NXT0802) is the latest high-end Seamless Switcher added to the LiveCore™ series. Equipped with eight scalers, eight seamless inputs and two main outputs, NeXtage 08 offers twenty-eight input plugs: 4 x HDMI, 6 x DVI-D, 2 x DisplayPort, 8 x 3G-SDI and 8 x Universal Analog. NeXtage 08 also features unique connectivity through SDI SFP Cage on each output, which is compatible with most SFP modules on the market. The device can handle any source from composite video up to 2560x1600 (DVI Dual-Link available). It also outputs a variety of formats including HD-TV and Computer format up to 2560x1600. NeXtage 08 is available with full 4K resolution I/O as an optional feature.
The eight scalers ensure an easy, intuitive and powerful experience with the NeXtage 08. With two independent seamless mix layers per output, as well as an independent Native Background layer included for Soft Edge Blending or individual screen modes, NeXtage 08 is an exciting tool to create impressive shows requiring two independently switched displays. The unit can be controlled via the Web RCS, an intuitive Web-based Remote Control Software. For more demanding applications, NeXtage 08 can be controlled through the Vertige™, a powerful Remote Console. iOS and Android apps, or AMX and Crestron 2 and 3-Series modules are available.

New - A New Firmware Version on the Vertige™ Remote Controller

Vertige™ (Ref. VRC300) is a powerful remote console for wide screen and multi-screen configurations. In the current version (V02.02), the Vertige™ can control most popular upstream matrix routers (Extron®, Lightware, Kramer, Blackmagic Design, etc.) and allows dynamic routing of the video signals to the LiveCore™ devices’ inputs according to screens’ content. If a matrix router is not available in the default set provided by Analog Way, the Technical Support team can easily generate a custom descriptor that can then be directly imported into the Vertige™ through USB.
At ISE 2016, the Vertige™ will showcase our next firmware version V03 (available Q1, 2016). In that version, the Vertige™ will support the latest LiveCore™ features: 4K inputs, Layer Cut & Fill, advanced layer management, and monitoring widget layout customization. This version is a new step in Analog Way’s strategy to develop the Vertige™ as a powerful show controller. The product’s operation environment is now enlarged to remote control external IP devices. By simply pressing a user key button on the front panel, operators can now perform standard operations on external IP devices such as recalling presets on any Analog WayMidra™ device, controlling the playback of a media player or positioning a PTZ camera on the fly. As for the matrix routers, the library of external IP devices can be easily extended without the need of upgrading the Vertige™