Analog Way exhibits at Stage Electrics Shows

September 2012 - Analog Way, a leading designer and manufacturer of presentation switchers and image converters, is pleased to exhibit at the Stage Electrics Show. On October 3 (Manchester), October 10 (Newcastle) and October 17 (Cardiff).

At the Stage Electricsexhibition, visitors will meet industry leading manufacturers and get hands on the latest technology in lighting, audio, video and trussing equipment for Schools, The Arts, Theatres, Broadcast and Entertainment.
Analog Way will show a selection of its powerful solutions:

> Eikos: Multi-Layer Hi-Resolution Mixer, Matrix Scaler, Seamless Switcher with 4 Scalers
Awarded “Most InAVative Commercial Video Processing or Distribution Product” at ISE and “Best Video Signal Processing or Distribution Product/Matrix Switching” at InfoComm 
Eikos (Ref.EKS500) is a Multi-Layer Mixer Scaler Seamless Switcher offering up to 12 inputs including 4 fitted with SDI and 2 fitted with DVI-D. Eikos offers 3 operating modes: Multi-Layer Mixer, 12 by 2 Seamless Native Matrix and Quadravision modes. 
In Multi-Layer Mixer mode, Eikos can display up to 6 layers: 3 Live Sources, 1 Frame and 2 Logos. Up to 2 PIPs can be displayed on a live background, or 3 PIPs on a still background. Live layers can be customized by the user. New effects are also available and can be combined during transitions. Eikos offers a classic preview as well as a Still Mosaic Full Preview function.
Eikos also offers a 12x2 scaled native matrix with true seamless switching. In this mode, up to 2 PIPs can be added on a still background and a mirror function is available.
In Quadravision mode, Eikos allows the display of 4 computer or video sources on the main output. A Video Output card provides SD or HDTV formats in various signals from Composite Video to HD SDI. Eikos also comes in a Light Edition, Eikos LE (Ref.EKS400). 

> Pulse: Multi-Layer Hi-Resolution Mixer Seamless Switcher with 2 Scalers 
Pulse (Ref.PLS300) is a Multi-Layer Mixer Scaler Seamless Switcher with Full High Resolution Digital processing. This high-grade and easy-to-use solution is particularly adapted to large screen projections, conference rooms and Houses Of Worship.
Pulse offers 10 direct inputs including 2 fitted with digital DVI and 2 fitted with SDI. In Mixer mode, Pulse can display 2 Live Sources. Live layers can be customized with various attributes (borders, movements, zoom, cut, fade, wipe or slide). Pulse offers many Live effects including Keying and PIP animation. Integrated Audio Stereo switcher features 8 inputs (6 analog and 2 from embedded SDI) and 1 output.  

> Orchestra: a powerful Remote Console 
Orchestra (Ref.ORC50) is a powerful, intuitive and ergonomic remote controller designed to manage independently or simultaneously, a variety of Analog Way’s Switchers. The machines can be controlled either as stand-alone boxes or as any kind of combination, including Soft Edge Blending. Once connected to the Analog Way Switchers, Orchestra can control up to 6 independent screen configurations in different locations (single display or multiple projectors in Soft Edge Blended mode) and store up to 64 presets per screen configuration.