Shipping dates for NeXtage 16 and SmartMatriX Ultra

April 2013 – Analog Way is pleased to announce shipping dates for its first LiveCoreTM-based systems. NeXtage 16 will start shipping on April 15, while delivery of SmartMatriX Ultra will begin on May 15. In addition, both systems gained certification from Underwriters Laboratories (UL).

Earlier this year, Analog Way was thrilled to introduce a new generation of high-end AV processors, based on the LiveCoreTM platform. As the biggest R&D project ever undertaken by Analog Way, the LiveCoreTM platform offers ruggedized design and state-of-the-art live processing.

NeXtage 16, which introduces the LiveCoreTM-based new generation systems, will start shipping on April 15. NeXtage 16 is a powerful 8x2 true-seamless AV processor equipped with 16 scalers and featuring Hard Edge and Soft Edge capabilities.
SmartMatriX Ultra, a 12x4 high-end multi-screen seamless switcher will start delivery on May 15. Both systems will be delivered with a new Web-based Remote Control Software (Web RCS) specifically designed to control the LiveCoreTM platform. With a user-friendly intuitive graphic interface, the Web RCS allows easy creation and management of presets through drag and drop. A variety of stunning visual effects can be easily achieved using the interface. The Web RCS also opens opportunities for remote services.

In addition, the LiveCoreTM -based systems officially received certification from Underwriters Laboratories (UL). The UL certification proves the AV processors based on LiveCoreTM were designed and manufactured with parts and processes ensuring maximum safety.