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Euroclear is a user owned and governed Belgium based financial services company that specializes in the settlement of securities transactions as well as the safekeeping and asset servicing of these securities. Every year, the company organizes a meeting day with all its European employees, in order to present the future strategies of the company on a global scale. For that occasion, a video conference was organized in multiplex simultaneously in six European capitals.

Euroclear employees based in Brussels, Paris, Stockholm, Helsinki, Amsterdam and London were able to follow live the speeches of their CEO and the directors of European subsidiaries.

The event company E-P-O, which was in charge of the organization of the meeting day, asked GSF agency to provide the technical organization on every site: sound, lighting, projection, video and camera management.

From pre-production to live

The technical organization of this huge international videoconference demanded a rigorous preparation work. A pre-production day was organized between the GSF technical team and the Euroclear design team. This pre-production day proved to be essential to manage the live event that lasted almost three hours simultaneously in six European capitals.

On every site, the display configuration had to be the same: 3 PIPs on an animated background in Full HD. The projection was based on a PowerPoint used as a background, common to every site, with PIPs including some live sources that were different from a capital to another. For example, employees in Brussels could see the PowerPoint with two PIPs of camera images showing employees in London and Stockholm.

Sammy Freh, Sales Director at GSF explains: “Euroclear wanted it to be an interactive event where all employees would really feel they are gathered together through image. We therefore setup a specific lighting system in each room to allow, for example, Brussels employees to recognize some of their colleagues based in London through the PIPs using camera feeds.”

The pre-production day served to the creation of all the contents that were to be displayed. “During the day of pre-production, we created standard presets in accordance with the slides which would be displayed during the show. A total of 4 presets, different in size and position, were configured using an Analog Way Di-VentiX II. On each preset, PIPs had the same size and position, only the sources changed. The background was also developed according to the PIPs. In the PowerPoint, white areas were left enabling us to position the PIPs with the Analog Way Orchestra controller” develops Freh.

The presets, preconfigured using a Di-VentiX II, Analog Way’s Multi-Layer, Mixer, Seamless Switcher, were saved on a Flash drive. A copy of the show was then given to the control room manager of each site. Control room managers only had to load the show on their Orchestra controller. Sammy Freh explains the technical organization for the live synchronization of the show: “Each control room manager had a Flash drive with a copy of the show that they loaded on their controller. They also received a common roadmap. Thanks to an intercom used to connect all sites together, the general operator could inform in real time the control room manager of each site of the preset to use. The control room managers only had to switch the right camera feed into the PIPs.”

Regarding the management of the direct broadcast of speeches, GSF asked its partner GlobeCast to provide the live transmission.

Analog Way’s products ensure the technical mastery

The videoconference took place in different auditoriums around Europe, with screens of different sizes according to the site. In Brussels where the attendance was approximately 2000 employees, the projection was done on a 14x9m screen. On other sites where the attendance was between 500 and 800 employees, the projection was done on 15x5m screens, each time in Full HD 1920/1080.

For this event, 3 Di-VentiX II and 3 Orchestra controllers were used plus 4 OP300, Analog Way’s Mixer Seamless Switcher with 3 Scalers, and 4 RK-300 Remote Keypads. Sammy Freh explains the interplay between all devices: “Each Orchestra was used to control the Di-VentiX II and the RK-300 to control the OPS300. Analog Way’s seamless switchers were used in Mixer Mode to mix and display the sources simultaneously on each screen. PIPs were not managed from a mobile broadcast unit but directly from Analog Way’s devices.”

The main sources used were a keynote (PowerPoint) in Full HD, mp4 videos in Full HD, camera images in HD-SDI. The output resolution was 1920/1080 in Full HD. The video output was also used to broadcast the event in streaming to employees of other Euroclear entities located in New York and Tokyo.

Sammy Freh explains his choice for the Analog Way devices: “For this event, we had no room for error, not in a single place but in six different places as all sites were interconnected. Analog Way’s devices perfectly matched with our needs. We needed reliable products able to manage everything. We also had restrictions in terms of space. For instance in Amsterdam, the videoconference took place in a cinema auditorium. So the set-up should not be too heavy and complex to manage on site. In terms of features, Analog Way’s devices allowed to comfortably manage everything. PIPs for example are easily resizable and relocatable. Lastly, and this might be the most determining point, we were able to record the show entirely realized in preproduction on a Flash drive, and to load it up again on the Orchestra controller. Thus the show could be reproduced identically, which is very practical to handle this kind of live event.”

GSF is a rental & staging company specialized in AV Pro: sound, lighting, video. The Brussels based agency mostly works for corporate events all around Europe and counts among its clients several large multinational corporations: Porsche, Lamborghini, Bentley, Red Bull, Audi…

Initially, GSF was specialized in sound and lighting. Three years ago, the company diversified its activity with video. The company acquired several Analog Way products to develop this new activity. “For three years, we have opened a video department (projection, control room…) and Analog Way products allowed us to develop this activity and to produce large events. These devices also enabled us to respond to 80% of our client’s requests for corporate events”, explained Freh. For more information:


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