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Medical imaging is playing a substantial role in operation rooms, with the increase and diversification of devices generating their own images (endoscopy, ultrasound, X-ray devices…). To provide appropriate diagnosis and therapeutic care to patients, doctors need to simultaneously analyze the images generated from different devices. The correlation of images provides three-dimensional information enabling more precise diagnosis and treatment. The difficulty is that medical imaging devices have many different video signals: DVI, HD-SDI, VGA, composite, custom computer resolutions, etc., so hospitals have to consider high resolution mixers to manage picture-in-picture (PIP), display configurations, and digital recording.

Synaps Production, a European leader in medical audio visual production specializing in live video transmission, developed a PIP system for displaying and recording at Timone Hospital, the biggest hospital in Marseille, France.
Synaps Production started by setting up a system to manage live HD video transmissions by satellite of surgical procedures from the Operating Room. For this system, Synaps Production chose Analog Way’s Eikos (Ref.EKS500), a multi-screen Mixer/ Seamless Switcher with 4 scalers, controlled by the Analog Way’s Orchestra (Ref.ORC50) remote controller.
The Eikos is used in a mobile production unit and converts and mixes all signals HD-SDI. It serves to switch and manage the PIP display configuration.

After this successful system’s completion, Synaps Production proposed a fixed installation in order to optimize, standardize, and unify their system. The aim is to minimize the number of control monitors in operation rooms and to use only one HD recorder for all sources.

Unlike the live video transmission that required demanding and dynamic screen configurations, the fixed installation needed to be as easy-to-use as possible for the hospital staff. Synaps Production chose to install an Analog Way’s Pulse² in the operation room. The Pulse² (Ref.PLS350) is a hi-resolution Mixer / Seamless Switcher with 8 inputs. The Pulse² met all the requirements in terms of video signal processing, display configurations, and ensures a user friendly interface for the hospital staff.

The Pulse² is mounted in a mobile rack with all sources connected directly to it. A second rack is installed with connections for VGA, RGB and composite connections. Synaps Production’s team pre-programmed the Pulse² according to various grid views. Hospital staff can choose among 8 presets to easily use the Pulse² in regards of their needs.

Christian Vuolo, Production Director at Synaps Production details the use of the Pulse²: “The Pulse² is driven through Analog Way’s new RK-350 remote keypad, enabling the mix of 4 different video streams to native resolution. One HD monitor manages the control, while digital recording in ProRes on SSD disc is ensured by a Blackmagic Hyperdesk. The Pulse² allows visualization and recording two images simultaneously, providing a much simpler image processing.
After installation and extensive use, the hospital staff is completely satisfied. The
Pulse² significantly reduced the time dedicated to selecting and archiving recorded images. According to the hospital staff, the Pulse² strengths are: high-end image processing, time saving with better quality of work, and less congestion with increased reliability and convenience thanks to optimized ergonomics.”

Synaps Production: Created in 1993 by Christian Vuolo, Synaps Production has established itself as a European leader in medical audio visual productions. The company is based in Marseille, France.
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