Analog Way Picturall Media Servers drive SiliconCore 4K HDR displays at ISE 2018 in Amsterdam

SiliconCore, manufacturer of cutting-edge LED displays, selected Analog Way Picturall media servers to drive its Camellia 0.95mm and Lavender 1.2mm 4K HDR capable displays in the company’s booth at ISE 2018 in Amsterdam.  ISE is the world’s largest AV and systems integration show.  Picturall media servers are now part of Analog Way.


“SiliconCore was in need of a robust, reliable media server to drive their latest and greatest LED technology at the show,” says Brian Macauto, Analog Way’s Director of Business Development.  “Analog Way Picturall series media servers have many 4K60 outputs and support 10-bit video.  We also offer a high-performance codec that enables us to reliably play back 8K video, an important feature for large, high-end LED walls.”


SiliconCore had previously used another brand of media server at trade shows, but its user interface was complex for booth personnel to master.  “We needed a powerful server with multiple levels of formats that could play multiple screens in high resolution,” explains SiliconCore Director of Marketing, Johanna Ocampo.  “The server we were using met those technical requirements, but its user interface was very complicated, especially in manipulating the playlist and ingesting content took quite a while. We needed more flexibility.”


Last fall at the NAB Show New York Analog Way introduced Ocampo and her colleagues to Picturall.  “We did a test there, and Picturall was able to play out our video files smoothly and easily,” she recalls.  “Afterwards we did another evaluation for larger shows and for 4K 10 bit playback.  Picturall not only offered flexibility and the multiple formats we required it also made it easy for users to manipulate the play list for shows.”


At ISE 2018 SiliconCore used two Analog Way Picturall media servers to drive its Camellia 0.95mm and Lavender 1.2mm 4K LED displays.  Although one server could handle 2 4K walls, SiliconCore requested a backup for peace of mind.  Both servers were loaded with content and once the playlist was created, it could be copied to the others in a matter of minutes.


A third server demonstrating content on the newly announced LavenderLIVE 1.2mm TetrapixelCoB display for rental market. They were able to playback graphic content for the 1600 x 2400 pixel portrait display, and build a list that would periodically switch over to video clips continuously playing in the background.  This way customers could evaluate graphic and video content on their newest displays


“Picturall’s ability to playback 10-bit color helped show off the technical capabilities of our displays,” notes Ocampo.  Picturall met our 10-bit playback requirement while being very user friendly.”


She expects the robust, reliable Picturall media servers will also play a role for SiliconCore outside trade show venues.  “We’re looking forward to taking them on the road for customer demos,” Ocampo reports.


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