Analog Way systems at the 19th Conference of the Argentine Industrial Union


2MGNET, a Rental & Staging company based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, provided full audio visual services for staging the 19th Conference of the Argentine Industrial Union. 
For this event the company used several of Analog Way’s systems including: 2 x Di-VentiX II (Ref. DVX8044), 2 x Pulse (Ref. PLS300) and an Orchestra (Ref. ORC50) controller. 

The first Di-VentiX II, a Hi-Resolution Mixer Seamless Switcher with 4 scalers, was used in Edge Blending mode to feed the main screen (19mx5m). One PulseAnalog Way's dual scaler Mixer / Seamless Switcher, was connected to the Di-VentiX II and served to feed prompters on stage. 
All the content including PowerPoint/Keynote presentations, video, and the CCTV were projected at 1920x1080 on the panoramic edge blended screen with two Barco Data FLM – HD 20 (20.000 ANSI) projectors. The whole configuration was controlled through the Orchestra controller. 

The second Di-VentiX II used in matrix mode served to feed the two side screens (10mx5m). The side screens complemented the main screen to create a huge panoramic display configuration with all contents projected at 1920x1080. The Di-VentiX II also served to insert logos and still images on screens. The side screen projectors were two Barco Data HDX – W18 (18,000ANSI). 

The second Pulse served to feed all the other screens in the room at 1920x1080. This unit was also controlled through the Orchestra controller.


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2 x Di-VentiX II

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2 x Pulse

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