Ascender 32 utilized to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall

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The Ascender 32 was selected as the main video processor during the commemoration of the 25th Anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall, held at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin on November 9, 2014.

The huge event gathered thousands of celebrants to enjoy performances by German stars such as DJ Paul Kalkbrenner and Udo Lindenberg. The show was broadcast worldwide.

The main stage was composed of 6 giant horizontally mobile LED screens measuring 11 x 4.8m each. Throughout the show, the screens moved seamlessly into different positions. Sometimes side by side to accomplish one single massive screen, sometimes separated three by three to surround the Brandenburg Gate, and sometimes completely separated from each other for six individual screens.

Epicto, the R&S company selected to realize the video system, chose Analog Way’s Ascender 32 to manage and process the multiple source content, including live videos, graphics, and video clips. Analog Way’s Ascender 32 is a powerful 12x4+1 multi-screen seamless switcher.
Bernd Fischer, Technical Manager at Epicto explains his work: ”My assignment was to bring the different sources, sometimes cropped to the single screens, sometimes as a whole 16:9, and sometimes in other configurations to the screen. I often needed six PIPs to display the content, thanks to the Advanced Layer Management feature on the Ascender 32, I was able to quickly add layer capabilities to one output. In addition, with the Web RCS and the ”copy“ function it was easy and quick to create the setup for all six parts of the screen. It was really a pleasure to work with the Ascender 32. I felt very safe with it in a worldwide Live TV Show event with hundreds of OB Vans from all over the world broadcasting the show.”


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