Ascender 48 at the Turkey Innovation Week

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 The third edition of the Turkey Innovation Week was held on November 28-30, 2013 at the Istanbul Congress Center, Turkey. This annual gathering organized by TIM (Turkish Exporter’s Assembly) is aimed to encourage, develop, and increase investments for innovation in Turkey. The event hosted more than 20,000 visitors and welcomed many experts in technology, marketing, urban planning, and energy to share their knowledge and experience with participants. 

NB Technical Production, a Turkish leading Rental & Staging company provided full audiovisual services for the event. The setup included a large tri-faced cube (3m x 3m per face) at the center of the stage, 4 indoor LED screens (2 screens: 6m x 3.5m & 2 screens: 7m x 2.5m) on both sides of the cube, and 3 plasma screens used as down stage monitors during PowerPoint and Keynote presentations.
NB Technical Production’s client required a flexible control system to run the LED screens and the cube either independently or synchronized. This allowed the change of backgrounds, main camera inputs, and screen contents on request. 

To manage the entire show, NB Technical Production used Analog Way’s Ascender 48 (Ref. ASC4806), a powerful multi-screen Seamless Switcher controlled by the Web RCS, an intuitive remote control software. To control the three plasma screens on stage, NB Technical Production choose Analog Way’s Seamless Switcher, the Di-VentiX II (Ref. DVX8044), used in mixer mode. 

The Ascender 48 was used in mixer mode with the 4 outputs independently switched, with more than 20 presets created for the event. Several sources were connected to the Ascender 48 including 2 x Macbook Pro for Keynote, 2 x PC Notebook for PowerPoint, 4 x Dataton Watchout as video servers, 1 x SDI camera for the control room and 6 x Full HD cameras to cover the show. Many features of the The stage created Ascender 48 were used such as effects and Fade & Cut transitions. 
Baris Gul, owner of NB Technical Production gives his feedback regarding the use of the Ascender 48:“It was a great pleasure to work with the Ascender 48 as the setup was very easy. We did not have to use many cables or splitters, and we did not need many screens as we had the Preview. Never before has a setup been this simple and I think implementation risks are minimized dramatically with the Ascender 48. Our customers were extremely happy as we completely met their requirements”.

For complex events and setups, Gul will rely on the upcoming Vertige console for an even easier control: “The Vertige will increase our means and bring our events to the next level. For complex events,Vertige will decrease the risks of mistakes and strengthen the trust in Analog Way brand”

More information: 
NB Technical Production is a Turkish leading Rental & Staging company based in Istanbul. The company provides full audiovisual service for (Companies, events, congresses , shows, concerts…) throughout Turkey , Northern Cyprus , Azerbaijan , Middle East , Central Asian 


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