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Church @ The Springs
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New A/V system of Church @ The Springs 

Church @ The Springs ( is a church located in Ocala, Florida. From 21 people on the first Sunday of service, the church has grown to over 3,000. To meet the needs of this exponential growth, the church moved to a new location at the beginning of 2010. This new move was actually the 15th for Church @ The Springs in 15 years!

In order to equip its new worship center, Church @ The Springs was looking for an A/V system that would help create an environment conducive for reaching out and connecting people.

The company All Pro Sound was chosen to handle the whole new A/V system. Chad Edwardson, Senior Commercial Systems Designer at All Pro Sound, explains: "This was our first installation for this customer. We were chosen by Church @ The Springs for our experience in designing and installing. We were able to demonstrate our ability to provide the technology desired."

Among the church's main requirements was the Soft Edge Blending projection on the main screen capability to welcome and handle dynamic music with a live band and vocal team. "The church needed the ability to project video on a large screen to be used as a stage backdrop during services. They also required concert-grade sound and the ability to utilize both conventional dimming as well as automated lighting", comments Chad Edwardson.

In order to achieve this installation, the company All Pro Sound installed a complete A/V system including a wide screen of 166" x 394" for Soft Edge Blending and 2 x Eiki LC-X7 screens. The video-projectors chosen are 2 x Digital Projection Titan SX+ 700.

To handle the different sources the church wanted to display, All Pro Sound also integrated several solutions designed by Analog Way.
One unit of the mixer seamless switcher Di-VentiX II was used for the Soft Edge Blending projection. The mixer was controlled by its remote control keypad RKD8044-T.
In addition, 1 x CentriX seamless switcher was also included in the system together with the multi-way distribution amplifier Universal Booster.
"The A/V system is primarily used in the worship service environment. Sources include Mac computer, Blu- Ray and live feed JVC cameras", explains Edwardson. "We used Analog Way's solutions for camera switching. The Di-VentiX II was especially used for the Edge Blending projection. The product allowed us to edge blend and create the abnormal aspect ratio to fit the screen size. With the use of this solution, the Soft Edge Blending technology does not limit the size and shape of video images projected."

All Pro Sound who has been using Analog Way products for more than 4 years is pleased with the products installed: "Our customer was very satisfied with the new system. Analog Way products are simple, they offer intuitive user interfaces and they're easy to setup. The church is even looking at the possibility of adding other Analog Way video switchers, such as OPS300, for left and right IMAG screens" concludes Edwardson.

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1 x Di-VentiX II

Di-VentiX II > See product

1 x RKD8044-T

RKD8044-T > See product