Duocom manages Soft Edge Blending presentation with Analog Way EventiX

Duocom manages Soft Edge Blending presentation for the Annual Congress of the Groupement des chefs d’entreprise du Québec with Analog Way EventiX
Duocom manages Soft Edge Blending presentation for the Annual Congress of the Groupement des chefs d’entreprise du Québec with Analog Way EventiX Duocom manages Soft Edge Blending presentation for the Annual Congress of the Groupement des chefs d’entreprise du Québec with Analog Way EventiX Duocom manages Soft Edge Blending presentation for the Annual Congress of the Groupement des chefs d’entreprise du Québec with Analog Way EventiX Duocom manages Soft Edge Blending presentation for the Annual Congress of the Groupement des chefs d’entreprise du Québec with Analog Way EventiX

Interview with Yannick Provencher, Regional Operation Manager of Duocom, and Sonya Turcotte, Director of the Provincial towns and partners network of Le Groupement des Chefs d’Entreprise du Québec.

The event: The Annual Congress of the “Groupement des chefs d’entreprise” at Hilton Lac-Leamy

Sonya Turcotte – Director of the Provincial towns and partners network:
“The event was the Annual Congress of the “Groupement des chefs d’entreprise du Québec“- Québec Business Owners Group. The “Groupement “is a mutual aid network of 1,500 business owners or future owners sharing their experiences and know-how. The event was held at Hilton Lac-Leamy in Gatineau, Québec, Canada, from October 2007, 26th to 27th..The theme this year was: “Building my capital in the 5 key sectors of my life: professional and social commitments, significant links, physical, psychological and spiritual health, personal finances and recreation/leisure”.

Yannick Provencher - Regional Operation Manager:
"The “Groupement des chefs d’entreprise du Québec” chose Duocom to run this show for them because we share a very good longstanding business relationship. In this case our client wanted a big visual impact for this meeting we achieved that by using a 60’ long screen for their visual presentation.”

Audio Visual systems/equipment for the show

What equipment was used during this show?

YP : For Video:
• 4 x Analog Way EventiX with the Cross Blender for Soft Edge Blending
• 1 x Analog Way Show Manager
• 1 x Sony DFS-700 Video switcher
• 4 x Panasonic PT-D7700 video projectors
• 1 x Screen 14’x 60’ custom with lighting trust surround
• 2 x Sony cameras D50
• 1 x 36X Fujinon Lens
• 2 x Denon DVD players DN-210
• 4 x Toshiba laptops A9
• 1 x Extron Crosspoint 16x16 RGBHV
• 1 x Midas Venice 320
• 3 x Klark Equilizers DN360B
• 1 x BSS soundweb
• 12 x Shure wireless microphones U1
• 8 x Meyer UPA-1P • 2 x Meyer 650-1P
• 1 x Compulite lighting board Spark-4D
• 2 x NSI dimmer 24 X 2,4 KW
• 6 x ETC Zoom 25-50
• 2 x Prehung 6 pars
• 4 x Colortran fresnels 2K
• 3 x Colortran fresnels 1K
• 12 x ACL bars
• 50 x D-Line 18 led bars
• 8 x Clay Paky Alpha Spot HME
• 10 x 16’’x 16’’x 8’ Silver truss
• 1 x Surround in truss 12’’ for screen 14’x 60’
• 18 x chain falls

What challenges did you encounter during the show?

YP: “Background content on the screen was not done properly. The content information appeared too low on the screen so it was hidden from the stage. Since the screen was at 1 foot of the floor our solution was to do picture in picture with the EventiX by Analog Way to be able to see the content information, so it could be higher on the screen and out of the way of the stage.”

Analog Way products

Was it your first time working with Analog Way products?

YP: “No, we’ve been using Analog Way products for the past 5 years on almost all our shows to facilitate switching between computer signals and other sources to be projected on screen. We carry only Analog Way product to achieve blending or high resolution seamless switching and to achieve that level of visual impact.”

What Analog Way products were used during the show?

YP: “For this specific show, we used 4 EventiX and 1 Show Manager by Analog Way. The primary use of the EventiX units was to blend 4 projectors, switch sources and also to achieve picture in picture. We had computer, camera and DVD as sources. With the Blending feature in the EventiX, that includes many options, we were able to achieve an impressive blend without seeing the edge on the 4 projectors.“

Why did you choose to recommend Analog Way products for this show?

YP: “I chose to buy and recommend Analog Way products because we trust in them because of their reliability, flexibility and good sales support. Using EventiX and Di-VentiX in Matrix mode, Seamless switching mode or Blending mode offers great flexibility at an affordable cost. We have total confidence in Analog Way products and their very dedicated support service staff. We once had a show where we needed to do a blending with 3 EventiX, but one of them didn’t have the Cross Blender option. During the evening, we contacted Analog Way’s Sales representative in New York to help us out and he managed to get the French factory to send the needed upgrade to us in the middle of the night. We just had to do the update with the firmware and finish the set-up with the last blending projector and it was ready for the event on time.”

Was the customer satisfied? Did your installation meet their requirements?

YP: “Yes, the client was impressed by the impact and received many positive comments and congratulations from the audience. Having more technology on the presentation side makes events more interesting for the audience and the impact is always positive.”

ST: “The Congress was a great success with 460 people attending consisting mainly of corporate managers or aspiring managers with their families. They were all very satisfied by this event.” What advantages do you recognize in the use of Analog Way products? YP: “Flexibility, reliability and great sales and tech support.” Will your customer keep on using Analog Way products for its shows? YP: “Our client will continue working with us and as a result will using Analog Way products. Duocom recently purchased the AXION controller and we are proud to be the first company in Canada to carry it.”

Client profile : Le Groupement des Chefs d’entreprise du Québec

The « Groupement des Chefs d’entreprise du Québec » - Québec Business Owners Group – was founded in 1974. The Groupement is a unique mutual aid network composed of 1,500 owners or future owners of small and medium sized businesses distributed in over 200 groups throughout Canada together representing a turnover of 15 billion dollars and 90,000 employees. The Groupement’s mission is to bring a spirit of sharing to its gatherings, by the exchange of past experiences and know-how, so that business owners and future business owners sharing the same values improve their responsibilities and make a better success of their business venture.

Staging Company profile: Duocom Canada Inc.

With more than 30 years of expert knowledge and 7 dedicated national locations, Duocom has forged the way as Canada's Leader in Audio Visual Solutions since 1974. Further honing their know-how, Duocom is pleased to offer four key solutions to meet and enhance all communications needs: Portable Solutions, Permanent Solutions, Custom Home Solutions and Event Solutions. Their Event Solutions is a comprehensive approach providing everything necessary to expertly showcase a presentation, training session, seminar, meeting or event. Duocom offers up-to-the-minute technology in projection, lighting, sound, simultaneous interpretation, professional support staff, and advanced audience feedback, as well as superior, custom designed venues. The company is mainly working on corporate events as well as galas and conventions. Thanks to a solid permanent team, Duocom realizes about 500 events per year. In 2004, the company was honored twice at the annual Rental & Staging Systems Awards Banquet: awarded for “Best overall Staging for a Corporate or Association Event, Large Venue (Technology budget greater than $200K)” and for “Most innovative Use of Technology, Outdoor Event”.


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