Edge Blending with three NeXtage 16 for demanding corporate installation

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Cipex, an integration company based in Denmark, designs and delivers complex A/V solutions for conference rooms and the entertainment industry. Recently, the company designed and implemented a demanding A/V system for a large Danish energy company. The objective was to simplify and optimize the use of the A/V systems that serve for education, meeting, and presentation purposes.

The company designed and setup three different AV systems including an auditorium (300-seats), and two large meeting rooms. The aim was to provide systems offering high end features for demanding presentations, but also very user-friendly. Mickael Rasmusen, co-founder of Cipex looks back on his client’s expectations: “Our client specifically asked for a very easy-to-use system that could avoid all the technical jargon you normally have on controllers.”

The main auditorium features a sizeable LED screen, so Cipex needed a device that could handle the specific LED screen resolution of 2496x720 pixels. The 2496x720 pixel resolution is derived from a Dual Link DVI output on the NeXtage 16. The meeting rooms both have two projectors edge blended to feed the wide screens. Cipex choose to use three NeXtage 16, Analog Way’s powerful true-seamless AV processor, for the project. All the NeXtage 16 are controlled through Cipex’s newly developed control system, the xControl. “We developed the xControl to offer on one single interface the layout of the entire scene. With that system users can also drag and drop sources directly to the screen. Thanks to the NeXtage 16, we were able to simplify the interface. The unit gave us the flexibility and possibility to take snapshots of the inputs for the xControl’s input selection and in doing so avoid technical terms. Technical abbreviations confuse users and that confusion is totally eliminated in these integrations where the user support is reduced to near zero”, explains Rasmussen.

The NeXtage 16 was also selected for its powerful image processing capabilities, ability for high-resolution formats, and the PIP function. “The NeXtage 16 is a product you can rely on, its design and specifications meet our high requirements”, added Rasmussen.

Founded in 2013 in Denmark, Cipex provides technical installations, software and installation solutions as consulting support for the A/V industry. The company mainly designs and delivers complex A/V solutions for conference rooms and the entertainment industry. For more information: http://cipex.dk


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