Epicto Relies on LiveCore Series for German National Day


“Tag der Deutschen Einheit” is a German National Day celebrated every year on October the 3rd to commemorate Germany’s reunification. This year was the 25th anniversary of the reunification. For the occasion, a huge LED screen structure of 52.5m wide and 11.5m high was installed in Frankfurt, representing the city’s skyline.

Epicto, a full service audio-visual company based in Germany, was in charge of the video and used an Analog Way’s Ascender 32 Presentation Mixer to exhibit contents on screen. Contents were displayed on both sides of the structure so all contents needed to be mirrored. Therefore, all the four outputs of the Ascender 32 were used, two for the front and two for the back of the structure.
Bernd Fischer, the Technical Director at Epicto, says: “The Ascender 32 is a very reliable system, and in my opinion, it’s not necessary to install a complete backup system.”


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