Ermenegildo Zegna outstanding fashion show with Analog Way Ascender 32

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The renowned Ermenegildo Zegna Italian luxury fashion house offered a distinctive show to present its Fall / Winter 2014 men’s wear collection. The show was held in the historic Palazzo dello Sport, part of the Milan CityLife district, under its huge metal and glass dome. It offered the latest in live audio-visual technology, aiming to immerse guests in a stunning visual environment. Directed by the Swedish film director and editor Johan Söderberg, the show film, displayed on a huge LED wall, mixed images of the universe with those of cities’ lifestyles. It was filmed with resolution exceeding 4K, and offered a final close up incorporating 4K live footage of the audience and of the show.

Giochi di luce, an Italian rental and staging company specialized in corporate events and fashion shows, was in charge of the audio-visual setup and provided an immersive motion background and artistic experience.
The video quality was crucial for this event and the client required the best picture quality and resolution available on the market to feed the 22x6m LED back wall. With the attendees sitting close to the LED wall, all the content and camera feeds had to be displayed in 4784x1248px resolution with no pixel loss. To ensure that no one would perceive the LED’s pixels, Giochi di luce installed a new generation LED wall with 4mm pixel pitch.

To handle such resolution and the huge need of input/output capabilities, Giochi di luce chose to link 2 x Ascender 32 (Ref. ASC3204), Analog Way’s powerful 12x4+1 multi-screen seamless switcher.
For this demanding event the company needed 22 inputs especially DVI and SDI, and 6 outputs to feed the LED wall.
Giochi di luce had to follow a story board provided by Johan Söderberg for the displayed content. Sources to the Ascender 32 system included a Sony 4K camera, 6x DVI Full HD signals of graphic content from the main Watchout system, and a backup Watchout system running in parallel.
In order to reach the 4784x1248px resolution and reproduce a full image, the LED wall was split into six tiles, wired to six Ascender 32’s hard-edge outputs used as a single huge widescreen. 4 PIPs of the Ascender 32 in Mixer Mode were used to compose the 4 HD-SDI streams coming from the Sony 4K camera. To control the whole system, the company used the Web RCS, Analog Way’s intuitive remote control software.

Giorgio Bodini, Technical Director at Giochi di luce, gives his feedback on Analog Way’s products: “To me the Ascender 32 is the best product of its category available on the market. I was very impressed by the extreme user-friendliness for setting up and use of the unit. As soon as you switch on the unit and you connect it to the Web RCS it is very quick, clear and intuitive to set the system without any complexity. I found the unit itself very qualitative in terms of hardware; it is stable, exceptionally responsive and powerful. The hardware is very critical for us as we mostly work with very high resolutions.
Thanks to the Ascender 32, we had the best video quality without compromise with all kind of inputs and outputs we needed. The capability to link two Ascender 32 units is very useful as it gives us enough inputs/outputs to handle huge events, big screens, complex setups and high resolutions, with an incredibly small form factor. Plus it is very simple: as soon as you link the devices together they appear as a unique system on the Web RCS without need of additional configuration.
Our client had very high expectations in regards to the quality of the show; we had no room for error. We impressed them and went above their expectations.”

Watch the whole fashion show here

Giochi di luce
is a well-known Italian based international technical partner for the event industry, known for skilled and expert technical teams taking care of all the design and production aspects including logistic, location, technical and safety matters. High quality architectural video projection, 3D/mapping solutions, design and development of high visual impact special LED stage set are some of the products Giochi di luce offers to their Customers.
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