Extra-large projection with Analog Way Di-VentiX II

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Franchino Service, an event company based in Italy, provides full audiovisual service for the convention, fashion show, and TV show markets all around Europe.

Franchino Service managed the setup for the insurance company CATTOLICA’s convention.

Franchino Service created two 8.5 m wide Soft Edge Blends using two projectors per screen. To process the Soft Edge Blends, as well as feed the two LED walls and the autocue, Franchino Service used two Di-VentiX II and one Orchestra from Analog Way.

Franchino Service chose a “symmetrical” display configuration. A Matrox Dual Head video feed was connected to one Di-VentiX II, allowing the creation of a large 3840x1080 native background. The outputs of this Di-VentiX II were DAed in order to create the two identical Soft-Edge blend screens. The other Di-VentiX II served to feed the two LED screens.

Each blended screen had PIPs to display computer content (PowerPoint). All PIPs were customized with smooth borders to give a perspective effect to the content. A Live Desk source connected to the second Di-VentiX II enabled live content to be fed to the two LED walls. A thirty two inch monitor connected to the video output of the Di-VentiX II was used for a full preview.


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2 x Di-VentiX II

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1 x Orchestra2

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