Fortune 500 client senior management meeting with dual Ascender 48s and the Vertige console

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Showbox, a staging company specialized in corporate events, created an outstanding show for its fortune 500 client, in association with the production company W5 Creative. The show was set in Philadelphia for two days in September 2014 and attendees included the entire executive management of the client company with 182 attendees.
Sean O’Neill, co-owner of Showbox, explains the company’s philosophy: “At Showbox we think outside the norm, utilize equipment in unconventional ways, invest in gear that offers us the flexibility to adapt quickly to the ever changing environment of a live event and allows a way to always tell the client “YES, we can do that". So here we created a show that allowed our client to ask for anything they wanted and enabled us to respond to any enquiry.”

The stage consisted of one main 42.7x11.5’ LED wall with a native resolution of 3328x896, and two 20x11.3’ projection screens surrounding the main screen fed by two 20K projectors. There were also two 46”downstage monitors plus two 80” confidence monitors on truss in the back of the room.
To accomplish the considerable processing necessary, Showbox chose to link two Ascender 48s (Ref. ASC4806), Analog Way’s powerful multi-screen Seamless Switcher, and control the system through the premium Vertige™ console (Ref. VRC300).
When linked together, two Ascender 48s share inputs and outputs, thus resulting in an impressive 24x8+2 Scaled Seamless Matrix system with multiple Live Mosaic previews.

One Ascender 48 was used to do the hard edge blending on the main LED wall and feed the side screens. The second Ascender 48 served to feed all the confidence monitors in the venue. All video content for the main screen was custom created to match the LED wall pixel count. As the main screen feed was split in half, Showbox used a PlayBack Pro with Matrox TripleHead-2-Go output module and two inputs on the Ascender 48 for true pixel for pixel graphic content. A second PlayBack Pro system was used to display video content on side screens at 1920x1080.

Also connected to the Ascender 48: a backup PlayBack Pro system, a teleprompter feed, as well as DVI and VGA feeds from the stage. In total, 14 inputs of the Ascender 48s system were used.
“Linking together two Ascender 48s using the link cables is very easy and the devices run together as a single 24x8+2 unit. It is very stable and we did not have any problem”, comments O’Neill.

For the event the company created 25 presets and followed a story board. Sean O’Neill looks back on the use of the Ascender 48: “We loved working with the Ascender 48, once we had the show built we were very comfortable with what the Ascender 48 provided. We never had any bad feelings, nor any crashing or hang-up. Our first hands-on experience with the Vertige™ was very good too. The console is a very powerful system” and adds: “The clients were very happy with the event. They said it was one of the best looking events they ever had. Thanks to the Ascender 48 we are able to fully respond to any client requests. Also we have more flexibility; our client can come in the room five minutes before the event and ask for something we never talked about, and we could respond to it quite quickly.”

Showbox: Since 2004, Showbox is a full service staging company specializing in corporate events. From training seminars to global sales meetings; awards show productions to technology fairs, equipment exhibits and full broadcast productions; Showbox manages the audio, video, and creative services to make significant and memorable events. Over the past ten years the company has grown by leaps and bounds by staying on the forefront of technology. For more information:


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