Green Acres Baptist Church opens new Crosswalk Conference Center with OPS300

Green Acres Baptist Church
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Green Acres Baptist Church is located in Tyler, Texas. With a current membership of 15,000 people, the church decided to launch an ambitious expansion project with construction of a new worship center: CrossWalk Conference Center.

The 5-year project was completed in June 2010 and CrossWalk Worship had its first service in late August. The new building offers a Conference Center with a capacity of 2,100 in worship configuration. The presentation area of the room is capable of hosting speakers, conference presentations, musical groups, and even an orchestra.

The audiovisual equipment of the CrossWalk Conference Center was granted to the company Mission Service Supply. Brent Gay, Presentation System Specialist at Mission Service Supply, explains: "As it is a Convention room, the new system needed to fit for multiple configurations and be very flexible, with the ability to change the setup of the audio/video and lights easily to be performing for every type of event."

Mission Service Supply selected and installed the A/V system to meet the church's requirements: "We decided to install 3 screens, all in rear projection. The church wanted both the ability to do IMAG and send cameras feeds to screens for presentations or also for worship venue."
A central screen of 32' by 18' was installed together with 2 lateral screens of 22' by 12' each. Three Christie video-projectors were used, 1 x HD18K for the central screen, and 2 x HD12K for left and right screens. Sources include a DVD player, a couple of multiple computer connections, HD feed coming from a camera, and a Tricaster switcher from NewTek.

In order to deal with the different sources and send signals to screens, Mission Service Supply decided to install 2 units of Analog Way's Mixer Seamless Switcher OPS300. "Analog Way got the pieces of equipment to us as quick as possible. We chose the OPS300 model due to the type of inputs, most of them being computer inputs, as well as the HD-SDI inputs. OPS300 offers a minimum amount of delay when we send the camera feeds to the different screens. The product is used in switcher mode because that way, the church can have a full preview before sending to screens", comments Brent Gay.

The church used to have three separate Sunday worship services. Thanks to the new addition, they plan to change the schedule to two services and broadcast them in the 2,100 capacity conference center which offers four opportunities to worship instead of three.
"The only unusual piece the church is using is the Tricaster switcher which is installed in the existing sanctuary. A camera is pointing at the pastor on stage in the other room, which goes through the Tricaster, and then it is sending feeds to the new Convention Center through the SDI input of the OPS300."

The new CrossWalk Conference Center is now equipped to host any kind of meeting, including Sunday worship, conferences, seminars and non-profit groups are also welcome to use it. Green Acres Baptist Church had its first events in the new Center during the summer. "The church is very satisfied with the new system. Everything worked great and went well", concludes Brent Gay.


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