Large-scale concerts with Analog Way LiveCore family

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The “Groots met een zachte G” show from the artist Guus Meeuwis, a huge celebrity in the Netherlands, is the biggest concert of a solo artist in the country. The event takes place every year at the Philips Stadium, Eindhoven, the Netherlands. To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the event this year, the artist performed five outstanding concerts in the stadium. Each concert was sold out with 35,000 attendees per show, with the last one broadcasted live on Dutch televisions for the first time.

The video setup was extremely challenging to provide an unparalleled visual experience for this high-end concert. Faber AV, a leading company in the rental market of LED screens and audiovisual productions, supplied all the video equipment for the concerts. Two weeks of installation were required to produce the demanding setup.

For the stage, Faber AV supplied a massive LED screen of 700sqm (7680x2400px), to display live camera feeds of the artist and graphic content. Two Analog Way’s Ascender 48 multi-screen Seamless Switchers were selected as the main system to feed the LED screen.
Ben Augenbroe, Project Manager at Faber AV explains this choice: “Our client’s biggest concern was the delay between cameras and screens. To find the best system available on the market with the lowest latency, we did several tests. In addition, the device had to be compact due to the restricted space in the FOH while offering extended capabilities in terms of outputs and layers. The tests conducted with the Ascender 48 by vision tools, the Netherlands distributor for Analog Way, were satisfying. Plus the great features on the LiveCore™ processors such as the Cut & Fill keying are very well adapted for concerts like these.”

When linked together, two Ascender 48s work as one system with inputs and outputs shared an added, resulting in one impressive 24x8+2 Scaled Seamless Matrix system with 2 live Mosaic Previews. The 8 outputs of the linked system were used and no less than 30 PIPs were created to display all screen content. Sources outputted in 1920x1200 to the LED screen, were a mix of live camera feeds from 8 high-end broadcast cameras with OBV and custom made high-res graphics.
To do extra effects on PIPs and transitions, the Cut & Fill feature was used with 2 x Ascender 32 in Beta version linked together. The Cut & Fill feature, now available on all the LiveCore™ systems, enabled a perfect fit of custom moving borders on the Native Background. Also, the mask of the gradient PIPs was controlled by a Lightdesk media server in order to dynamically synchronize it with the sound beat.

To ensure optimum safety, 2 x Secure Power Units were connected to the Ascender 48. The Secure Power Unit is an innovative power protection module that provides redundancy against branch circuit failure or unstable power.

The whole show was controlled through the Vertige™, Analog Way’s powerful premium remote controller. Jimmy Geelen, Analog Way Certified LiveCore™ Operator was controlling the Vertige™: “The Vertige™ is perfect for live music events, as it’s very stable and reliable. It’s also accurate on recalling presets with no hick-ups at all and offers great features, lots of presets, cue lists and easy programming.”

To complete the setup, 1 x NeXtage 16 used as extra multi-viewer for backstage and other operators at the FOH.


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