Launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 with Ascender 32

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OMAGE, an event production company, conceptualized, managed and executed the awe inspiring launch event for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. With a 1200 person guest list of hand-picked influential journalists in the industry, the venue chosen for the event was the Execujet Hanger at the Cape Town International Airport in South Africa. The festivities included a 4 part show with many presentations, demos and shows.

Gearhouse SA was selected as the technical equipment supplier, whilst CI-Nation, a company specialising in show control and playback, was asked to manage all the technical elements of this demanding show. The first part consisted of welcoming the guests into a lounge area with live performances. They were then brought through a tunnel underneath the control area into the plenary session. This was a one hour presentation, where Samsung’s top managers revealed four new products. For the first presentation, the company installed a huge 36m x 5.5m curved screen fed by 8 double stacked Christie 20K projectors, to ensure better brightness and redundancy. Two Dataton Watchout Servers (main and back up) were used as the main playback medium. CI-Nation also chose to use Analog Way’s Ascender 32, a powerful multi-screen seamless switcher.
Mike Fynn, Technical Director and co-owner at CI-Nation, details how he used his equipment: “We used Analog Way’s Ascender 32 as the final output to the projectors. It was also used to switch between main and back up Watchout systems as well as take all the live feeds and presentations to screen. We used up to three PIP’s together being two camera feeds and one presentation feed on the Watchout Backgrounds in between the purpose built wide screen content. So in total we used 12 inputs and 4 outputs of the Ascender 32.”

In terms of content, the client required crisp, clear and smooth flowing graphics so the output resolution was 7068px x 1080px. Fynn explains why he choose the Ascender 32 for this demanding event: “We required the Ascender 32 for its incredible blending capabilities and the abundant edge blending finessing tools, which allowed us to get a great quality picture on screen and to achieve a seamless blend from end to end. The Ascender 32 also has extremely low latency from camera lens to screen, which was crucial with the large screen and extreme close-ups during the demo segments.”

The control was done through the Web RCS, to which Fynn commented: “We controlled the Ascender 32 through the Web RCS, primarily during setup, then I switched between all my presets on my iPad next to my script and Keyboard. I love the ease of use of the Web RCS, simply drag and drop and voilà, no force acquires, or sync times required. The iPad app allowed for simple switching, giving me the opportunity to follow script rather than having to look at what I was doing, and naming my presets was super, not having to remember numbers the whole time.”

After the product presentation, the guests were ushered through and over the stage to the demo area where all the new products were on display and allowed the guests time to interact and get familiar with the items. After enough time to try all the devices, the walls were raised to reveal a massive party atmosphere, where Stefan van der Walt, Fynn’s partner at CI-Nation, called the show which entertained the large crowd into the early hours of the morning. There was a huge stage and a number of talented performers, from dance acts to DJ’s on moving platforms. All in all, a huge success.


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