LMG Inc. awarded for the Autodesk One Team Conference 2007 using Analog Way Di-VentiX

LMG Inc. awarded for the Autodesk One Team Conference 2007 using Analog Way Di-VentiX 4
LMG Inc. awarded for the Autodesk One Team Conference 2007 using Analog Way Di-VentiX 5 LMG Inc. awarded for the Autodesk One Team Conference 2007 using Analog Way Di-VentiX 3 LMG Inc. awarded for the Autodesk One Team Conference 2007 using Analog Way Di-VentiX 2 LMG Inc. awarded for the Autodesk One Team Conference 2007 using Analog Way Di-VentiX 1

Testimonial: Robyn Baker, Marketing Manager for LMG Inc., and Neil Morrison, Director of Video Services for LMG Inc.

The Event: Autodesk One Team Conference 2007

Autodesk, Inc. is the world leader in 2D and 3D design software for the manufacturing, building and construction, and media and entertainment markets. For its 2007 One Team Conference (OTC), Autodesk chose the theme “Changing the Game” and wanted to have a corporate event created around that theme and the idea of rewriting the rules.
In a context of growing competition, the 2007 One Team Conference was meant for motivating the 3500 salespeople and resellers who came from all around the world especially for this meeting. The message Autodesk wanted to convey for this event and to its staff was clear: “Changing the Game” which means changing the way people sell, what they sell and to whom they sell.
To create this event, Autodesk turned to TenCue Productions, Inc., which is a full service event production and consulting company. To create this corporate meeting, TenCue Productions trusted LMG Inc. whose expertise in show services, equipment rentals and system installations is recognized. To develop a meeting around the featured theme “Changing the Game”, TenCue and LMG wanted to create an event really different from what was organized for the previous OTC. Two months were necessary to develop the concept and four additional months for technical production: “We wanted to overwhelm the audience with an experience that would be memorable and dramatically illuminate the conference goals” explained Jeffrey Wilk, executive producer for TenCue Productions.

Audiovisual systems/equipment for the event

To create the desired rupture, a 50-foot-wide by 50-foot-tall vertical edge blended screen at 1920 x 1920 resolution was installed. The event was held at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. When the audience entered the arena, the only visible staging was a 60-foot plywood wall covered with the graffiti “Changing the Game”. The program started in black, pulsing music played as banners unfurled over the audience showing Autodesk’s competitors names, as aerialists swung over and ripped them down to the cheers of the audience. With momentum building, five new 24 x 10 foot banners rose 40 feet from the arena deck using automated motor control, one at a time, projecting images of Autodesk resellers who were currently “Changing the Game” for company. Finally, the 50 x 50 foot main screen emerged from the stage, showing strategic messaging, photographs, renderings, and ended with “Changing the Game” filling the massive screen as the main speaker, Autodesk’s senior vice president of worldwide sales, made his entrance.

The main element of the show, the 50 x 50 foot screen, was accomplished with four Digital Projection 35 HD projectors, each outputting a resolution of 1920 x 1080 for the top and bottom of the screen, with an overlap of 240 pixels. The graphics, created in a 1920 x 1920 resolution, were controlled by Analog Way’s Di-VentiX switcher and fed through a multiple-head computer to split the image to the top and bottom of the screen. “A resolution of 1920 x 1920 is very non-standard for an event, but it was necessary to appropriately display the images on a screen of that size,” says Neil Morrison, video services manager for LMG.
Additionally, the five 24 x 10 foot banner screens that supplemented the main screen were independently sourced and also outputted with two sets of double-stacked 35 HD projectors. Each set of projectors for these banners displayed one 16x9 image that was split across the screens, with the areas between each banner filled in with black. Image placement was critical, particularly for the banner screens on each end that were used for vertical image magnification. The camera technicians had to pay special attention to the slightest movement of the speakers.

TenCue and LMG technicians faced several challenges to perform the installation. The setup time for this event was particularly short: only one day of installation, and one day for fine tuning before rehearsal.

The other main challenge was accomplishing this type of vertical blend, at that high resolution, which is an ambitious and relatively new technology. Horizontal edge blending has been used by rental and staging companies for about 10 years now, in Houses of Worship, for corporate events, industrial markets, etc.

Conversely, the technology to manage a vertical edge-blended event is younger. LMG had a tested solution and method for achieving this type of blend with the Analog Way Di-VentiX switcher, which became a working template for the “how to” in producing a show of this type.
“This show could not have been done without a vertical blend, and the Di-VentiX was the only option with that capability”, explains Morrison.
“We’ve been using Analog Way’s products for two years. For that specific show, we chose the Di-VentiX for its vertical edge blending capacities, and used 6 units for primary and outboard imag and to deal with DVI, RGBHV and SDI sources. We appreciate ease of use and dependability of Analog Way’s solutions,” says Morrison.

All the challenges were overcome and the event was a great success. The screen effectively displayed the Autodesk’s messages and the impact of this spectacular meeting on the audience was significant. During 2008 InfoComm / LSA Staged Events Awards that took place in June 2008, in Las Vegas, LMG was awarded for that event in the category “Overall Staging for a Corporate or Association Event – Technology budget $50,000 - $199.999”. One judge commented about “Appropriate for the theme and daring in its technological ambition, their use of video complemented the graffiti background and sport style theme “Changing the Game”.

The Staging Company: LMG Inc.
Founded in 1984, LMG Inc. (www.lmg.net) is a national provider of video, audio, and lighting support with offices in Orlando, Las Vegas and Phoenix (USA). This leading company delivers show technology for corporate meetings, trade shows, live broadcasts and specialty events across the United States. LMG is continuously investing in evolving show technology in order to provide their customers with impressive presentations and events that effectively communicate their messages and astound audiences.


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