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Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company (LMSSC) is the business division of Lockheed Martin that designs, develops, tests, manufactures and operates a full spectrum of advanced-technology systems for national security, civil and commercial customers.

In July 2010, LMSSC inaugurated the Patriot Center, a new Multi-Purpose Meeting Facility based in Newtown, PA. The Newtown facility serves as the headquarters for Lockheed Martin Commercial Space Systems (LMCSS) and the next-generation Global Positioning System III and Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite R-Series programs.
The new 15,000 square foot building includes an addition to the facility's manufacturing capabilities as well as eight separate conference rooms and one auditorium.

Advanced Presentation Systems (APS), the A/V division of Lockheed Martin, managed the entire Audio Visual engineering and equipment specification for this project with the objective to create a dynamic collaboration environment.
Throughout the project, APS worked closely with Applied Video Technology, Inc. (AVT), the integration company selected by Lockheed Martin to not only install the system, but also assist with the design and project management of the overall job.

Mike Horner, Project Manager at APS, explains: "The mission of the Patriot Center project was to build an efficient, state-of-the-art meeting facility capable of hosting a diverse array of events, both large and small.” 
With the ability to accommodate up to 250 people, the new auditorium facility was conceived to facilitate high-end meetings such as spacecraft program design reviews, demonstration initiatives and customer events.

To meet these needs, the new meeting facility had to offer modernized audio visual and information technology equipment allowing maximum flexibility. Horner says: "The overall A/V experience of the facility took top priority, which allowed our A/V design to drive the architecture. With this design model in-place, and architectural limitations being lifted, Lockheed Martin's A/V design engineers were able to be creative and custom design a screen we felt best suited all possible viewing angles and user scenario's. The result led us to choosing a 432" x 96" screen with 4.5:1 aspect ratio."
The wide Stewart GrayMat screen was installed together with 3 x DPI Titan HD-600 video-projectors at the resolution of 1280x720 pixels. "We edge blended them at 22% on two overlaps and came up with a solution that allowed us to properly display a 2150x720 resolution image", adds Horner.

To provide Edge Blending and Picture in Picture features, APS selected Analog Way's Di-VentiX II and the Orchestra show controller. "While engineering a solution for this unique screen size, Lockheed Martin immediately turned to Analog Way. Having worked together on past projects of similar scope, Lockheed Martin knew Analog Way had the technology and know-how to make this happen", says Horner.
Thanks to the Di-VentiX II video processor, the large screen can be used as a single continuous picture or dynamically divided into up to 12 movable windows. Each PIP can be resized and capable of displaying a different image. Di-VentiX II offers an image preview through its video out wired to 3 x Dell 23" LCD monitors located in the control room.
Dan Small, Director of Technical Services at AVT, explains: "The background graphics and videos are created using an HP Workstation with a custom Matrox triple head graphics card. The Matrox hardware compensates for the edge blend across all three projectors providing a true 2150x720 resolution. Up to 12 PIPs can be positioned on the screen in different ways to ensure that users can display everything they may need at any point. With a screen so large, there is a lot of opportunity to position the different PIPs".
A wide array of sources are handled including 5 x High Definition Vaddio HD-18 cameras, 9 x analog computer signals from throughout the auditorium, as well as 5x digital computer inputs in the control room, an LG BH-300 Blu-Ray DVD player and 3 x digital signage PCs running Scala InfoChannel 5. The analog sources run into an Extron CrossPoint450 Plus 32x32 HVA Matrix Switcher going into the Di-VentiX II.

The Orchestra show controller allows easy control of the configuration and orientation of the video display. "Analog Way provided a solution, a proof of concept, and the design was locked in and equipment was purchased. Lockheed Martin was familiar with these products, and was confident that the Di-VentiX II combined with the Orchestra controller would allow us to creatively utilize every pixel on our screen to suit the needs of our varied applications", comments Horner.
Small adds: "Analog Way gear was chosen for its great reputation in the industry. We received outstanding pre and post-sales support and training from Seth Teates, our Sales Manager from Analog Way."


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