MOOV manages AV presentation for the Art and Fashion Festival in Poland with Analog Way technology

MOOV manages AV presentation for the Art and Fashion Festival in Poland with Analog Way technology
MOOV manages AV presentation for the Art and Fashion Festival in Poland with Analog Way technology MOOV manages AV presentation for the Art and Fashion Festival in Poland with Analog Way technology

Interview with Piotr Majewski, Founder of MOOV

The event: the Art & Fashion Festival held at the Stary Browar in Poznań

At the beginning of October 2008, the Stary Browar located in Poznań became a fashion arena to welcome the second edition of the Art & Fashion Festival.
The Stary Browar Retail, Art and Business Centre is composed of seven buildings located on a hill in the centre of Poznań, where beer was brewed in the past. It is a unique shopping centre combining commerce, art, history and everyday life. The retail area borders, the Courtyard of Art, hosts events connected with painting, sculpture, theatre, music, dance, happenings and films. Thanks to the unusual blending of space, ideas and people, Stary Browar has become the most popular shopping mall and a place to spend free time.
In 2005, Stary Browar was awarded “most outstanding medium-sized Shopping Centre in the World”, by the International Council of Shopping Centres. Stary Browar won this award for setting new standards, unique combination of commerce and culture, unusual architecture, exceptional atmosphere and a suitable response to citizens’ expectations. For its second edition, the Art & Fashion Festival, initiated by the stylist Joanna Horodynska and the journalist Joanna Racewicz, presented the fashion collections of young Polish designers as well as famous brands such as Max Mara, Schumacher, Versace, Armani Jeans, Marc Cain, Tru Trussardi, Patricia Pepe, Deni Cler and many others.

Piotr Majewski – Founder of MOOV: “Stary Browar, where the Art & Fashion Festival was organized for the second time, is the biggest and nicest shopping centre in the city, as well as a place where people can admire art and entertain themselves. In one part of the mall, called “Chessboard”, the biggest catwalk of the country was installed for two days of show. The most exclusive brands of the fashion world were going to be presented there, so the technical service we provided for that event had to be at the highest level too. “

Why did your customer choose your company to run this show?

PM: “We already managed the first edition of the Art & Fashion show festival, so we had a good idea of the event requirements and the constraints of the place where it was held. Our client was satisfied with the first edition so they decided to work with us again. We have a high expertise in the organization of this type of shows and our policy is to serve our customers with the highest level of service and top quality equipment.
For this second edition, our customer had a different vision of the show, and it was a pleasure to work on this new challenge. We did our best to meet their requirements and even exceed their expectations.”

AudioVisual System/Equipment and Analog Way products used for the show

What were your customers’ requirements in terms of audiovisual?

PM: “Our customer wanted to have a very effective show running smoothly without any technical problem. The Art & Fashion Festival in itself is a great rendez-vous bringing together the best fashion designers in a beautiful place for 2 days of show. This is why we had to achieve an exceptional event, something remarkable. Everything had to be perfect.”

Which Analog Way’s products were used to run the show?

PM: “We used three Di-VentiX as well as its remote controller Axion and DVI cables with integrated booster. Thanks to the Di-VentiX, we could send DVI signal and connect up to 8 peripheral devices, even HD players. The Analog Way system enabled us to compose one picture with twelve 40’’ NEC LCD panels, respecting the good aspect ratio of each of the twelve elements. We could also connect other sources, such as video cameras.”

How long have you been using Analog Way products?

PM: “It was far from being our first time with Analog Way products. We use these devices almost every time we organize an event. Analog Way helped us to run many shows, such as: 2008 Volkswagen’s Dealers Congress, XXXVII Polish Association of Traumatic and Orthopedic Science Congress, the Main presentation of Allegro Meeting 2008, Animator Festival and 10th anniversary of AT MEDIA Company. We recommend Analog Way products every time we run a show since we know how good this equipment really is. Our customers also know the results achievable thanks to Analog Way solutions.”

What advantages do you recognize in Analog Way’s products?

PM: “We know from our previous experiences how good Analog Way products are and how they enable us to meet our customers’ requirements. Analog Way devices are easy-to-use, and they eliminate the need to buy many units of different brands since a single product can offer all the features we need. This is why these products provide ideal solutions for rental and staging companies like us. The effects that we can reach thanks to Analog Way products impress our customers and help us to build a strong and long-lasting relationship with them.”

Did Analog Way products allow you to meet your requirements? Were you satisfied by the results?

PM: “We did not have any problem during the show. Analog Way systems helped us serve our customer the best way possible. The Art & Fashion Festival was a great success with about two hundred attendees including personalities of the art and fashion world, as well as many people willing to discover the latest trends.”

The Staging company: MOOV

Created in 2002 in Poznań, Poland, MOOV is a provider of video technology and production, specialized in wide-screen projections. The company that started its business with 3 people now counts 10 employees and also works with freelances for major events. MOOV deals with any kind of event in Poland, but most of its activity is concentrated in Poznań, which is one of the most dynamic cities of the country. Every year, the company is working on the organization of more than one hundred events, mainly for private organizations and companies willing to promote their activities thanks to trade fairs, congresses, corporate events, parties and concerts. MOOV’s main objective is to produce exceptional events to make their “clients’ dreams come true” explains Piotr Majewski, Founder of MOOV.


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