Multi-Screen show for Dynacité's 60th birthday with Analog Way's Switching solutions

Quorum - Dynacité
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Dynacité, the Public Office for Land Settlement and Construction of a French department, celebrated its 60th birthday in June 2010. On that occasion, Dynacité gathered different local politicians during a fake TV news show held over one day. The event gave the opportunity to look back on the 60 years of existence of Dynacité, and to organize debates on public housing. Quorum Productions was selected to produce the event.

Interveiw with Laurent Labrosse, Associate, Multimedia and R&D Director at Quorum Productions.

What were your customer needs for this event?
Laurent Labrosse: "The event started in the afternoon and was continuing through the night with about 800 people who came to attend Dynacité's birthday. Many different themes were on the program in order to trace the 60 years of existence of the Public Office. We draw a stage with an opening of 26m and proposed our customer a dynamic visual scenery, that would integrate pictures illustrating the themes of the moment. Quorum Productions also handled the technical service for this event, scenery, structure, furniture, sound and lights. In the end, we had 30 people working on this project and 3 days of setup were necessary."

What projection system did you choose for this event?
LL: "We had a total of 9 screens of different sizes and formats suspended on stage, and 2 x Christie HD18 Mirage video-projectors to cover these screens. During debates, pictures were opened on each screen in order to illustrate the speakers' speeches, display Power Point presentations and broadcast movies, animations and camera feeds.
The challenge was to have the ability to switch in fade all these screens with different sources, independently or simultaneously, on demand. During jingles, one video source was displayed in very high resolution on all screens, each screen showing the corresponding part of the image to give the impression of a single projection."

What sources were used for the show?
LL: "As for sources, we had a Wings platinium multi-screen system from Stumpfl, made of 2 kits, with 1 x Master PC and 2 x Salve PCs each. To generate different picture sources and animate the stage according to each theme, we also had 4 x other PCs for Power Point presentations, 5 x HD 16/9 cameras, 2 x hard disk drives and 1 x autocue PC." 

What challenges did you face to produce this event?
LL: "For this event, we needed to do Picture in Picture (PIP). Basically, the 2 video-projectors were in Soft Edge mode in order to create IMAG over two screens (2 x 1920 x 1080), and each of the 9 screens corresponded to the opening of a PIP. For that reason, we needed many PIPs. Each PIP had the same size as the corresponding screen, and I was opening and replacing sources in each screen to display computer or video sources, animations, and so on."

How did you proceed then?
LL: "To have the necessary number of PIPs and be able to make seamless transitions for each PIP, we decided to use several products from Analog Way: 3 x Di-VentiX II, 1 x Eikos, 1 x Di-VentiX and 2 x EventiX. The Eikos and one of the Di-VentiX II units were used to premix video sources towards 2 main PIPs. The 2 other Di-VentiX II allowed handling 4 PIPs and the 2 backgrounds coming from the Wings system.
All the Analog Way switchers were linked. The goal was to be able to make a transition in fade, sometimes with one PIP, or with 2, 4, or even 6 PIPs simultaneously, without passing through black. Thus I needed a great number of layers to make a true fade for each source. To control the show, I chose 2 x event controllers from Analog Way, the Orchestra and TripliX. For the stage feedbacks, 4 x 42' plasmas were installed as well as 4 x 24' screens integrated in the table."

Why did you select the Analog Way systems?
LL: "I have been a follower of the brand since many years now. Di-VentiX II and Eikos offer many layers which allow creating amazing visual combinations. Eikos is a new Mixer, Seamless Switcher and a Scaled Matrix that we have been testing for several weeks. For the Dynacité event, Eikos was mainly used for simple PIPs since we had fixed windows, but this machine allows change the size of a PIP during any transition. I've been searching for this feature for years! In addition, the Analog Way products are quite easy to use. We have versatile technicians as we are working on many different things. We appreciate the fact that there is no long training required to work with Analog Way systems, contrary to other machines that are too difficult to operate and for which extensive training is necessary."


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3 x Di-VentiX II

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