Multimedia at the heart of Edhec Business School's new campus with Analog Way's solution

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Created in 1906, Edhec Business School has an international reputation and is now among the top-ranked French Business Schools. As a result of this important growth, the school initiated the project of building a brand new campus in 2005. Based next to Lille (North of France), the new campus has been inaugurated for the 2010-2011 academic year. New Technologies are at the heart of the 43 000 sqm new buildings in order to provide an outstanding working environment to more than 5 000 students, as well as to the many professors and researchers.
The whole audiovisual integration of the new campus was entrusted to Multi-Concept's teams.

Interview with Cyril Marc, Sales Manager at Multi-Concept Audiovisuel.

What was your scope of work for the Edhec Business School's new campus project?
Cyril Marc: "It is the first time that we have worked with the Edhec Business School. The customer expressed his requirements and asked for a synoptic without delay. We were in charge of the whole audiovisual installation for the different classrooms, the main auditorium, the VIP room and the IPTV network. In order to make the integration and automation of the campus, we spent almost two months on-site."

What were your customer's needs for this project?
CM: "We had to equip about 40 classrooms and 4 lecture halls of 95 seats each. In addition, we equipped the main auditorium with 750 seats, as well as a VIP room of 100 seats. These last two rooms had to be very versatile. The auditorium conception was quite complex because it can accommodate various courses during the day, but must easily be able to turn into an auditorium in order to host shows."

Which systems did you select to equip the VIP room?
CM: "To provide the required versatility to the VIP room, we opted for Analog Way's Eikos LE that can be used as a mixer or in matrix mode, and which offers a quantity of SDI inputs. Used as a mixer, the Eikos LE allows you to run basic conferences. Thanks to a computer connected to the lectern, the speaker can display his PowerPoint presentations on a frame background.
We also have 4 x Panasonic cameras as a source. The Eikos LE makes it possible to mix available HD-SDI sources. For videoconferences, we can quickly and easily divide the room into two separate parts and use the Eikos LE in matrix mode. In this configuration, the Eikos LE allows you to display content on both of the 63" screens installed in the room. Finally, we can have the Main output recorded with our HD-SDI recorders through the Eikos LE video output."

And what did you recommend for the auditorium?
CM: "As far as the main auditorium is concerned, we opted for the principle of a theatre hall that we equipped as a conference room with a big central screen, two lateral screens and three video-projectors. The priority was to have the ability to display images, including PowerPoint presentations for the courses available during the day.
However, the room being versatile, we chose to link an Eikos and OPS300 from Analog Way. The Eikos can be used for presentation purposes on the central screen, by using the PIP feature or quadravision. The OPS300 is used in matrix mode to display content on both side screens. Depending on the sources used and effects wanted, the system is sometimes inverted, the OPS300 being used for the central screen, and the Eikos being used as a matrix for the side screens. Both machines are controlled by the Triple Remote Keypad TRK-800. Thanks to the TRK-800, we can prepare our presets, manage PIPs, etc."

What are the main sources used?
CM: "We have some video sources with Blu-Ray and DVD players, and many PCs with all sorts of format. To avoid any trouble due to the input and output type, we selected a display format corresponding to screens' native resolution thanks to Analog Way's switchers. No matter what PC is connected, the output format is set on HD 1080p."

How are the two rooms operated?
CM: "During this first year, we used specialized staff but each room has to be as independent as possible. We therefore installed a Crestron automation system with a tactile touch screen and several configurations available. Most of the time, frames are projected between shows.
When a professor enters the room, the logo of Edhec Business School is already displayed on screen. The professor just has to connect his computer and to switch to display his PowerPoint presentation. For bigger events, we have 2 or 3 technicians working in the control room installed in house. Thanks to automated lighting and to the video system installed, we can easily switch from a "speech mode" to a "show mode" in a short amount of time since everything is prepared in advance. We have already made concerts and conventions within the main auditorium."

Are you satisfied with the Analog Way products installed in the auditorium and the VIP room?
CM: "To answer Edhec Business School's demand, Analog Way's products were the only solutions available on the market that met our expectations. We sold a project in HD and thanks to Analog Way's devices, we can display all the sources our customer needs in 1080p.
This was the first time we were working with Analog Way's equipment and we have been seduced and truly convinced by their new range. We faced a very short timing to deliver the Edhec's project and we appreciated Analog Way's reactivity. Bugs that appeared were well taken care of. Following this first experience, we plan to add some Analog Way's equipment to our fleet dedicated to events."


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