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Banca Mediolanum, an Italian private bank, organized an outstanding national convention for its 5,200 agents. The convention was held at the Mediolanum Forum Sports Arena in Milan and featured the latest in AV technologies. Conducted like a TV show, all the speakers were highlighted using an impressive lighting, sound, and video system. For this demanding convention, Giochi di luce, the rental & staging company in charge of all the lighting and audio-visual set-up, impressed their client with the quality of their service and the aesthetic of the show.

The company installed a huge 42x11m rear projected curved back wall composed of three screens side by side and fed by four 20K projectors each, meaning a total twelve 20K projectors for the Soft Edge Blending projection. In front of this back wall, they added two moving 3.5x5.5m LED screens. The output resolution for Soft Edge Blending was 4630x1200px and for the LED screens, 1792x1408px. The floor was covered with a circular LED floor of 10m diameter. In the middle of the arena, hung up to the ceiling, a big cube composed of three 10x5m screens to display speakers and critical data.

To feed all the screens on stage and those located in the venue, the company chose to use 2 x Ascender 32 (Ref. ASC3204), Analog Way’s 12x4+1 multi-screen seamless switcher. Giorgio Bodini, Technical Director at Giochi di luce explains his choice: “Linking two Ascender 32s was the perfect solution for this complex setup as we had a huge need of inputs and outputs. In total, there were 24 inputs fully connected as for the 8 outputs. Plus, linking together two Ascender 32 is very simple, the system worked as a unique device with inputs and outputs completely shared. It can route everything to everywhere without any complexity”. The Ascender 32 also proved to be very useful for the operation part, Giorgio Bodini explains: “We used both the monitoring outputs of the Ascender 32 plus one more confidence output configured as a multiviewer. We were able to fulfill all the monitoring needs of the whole control room and not only those for the switching operators. The Ascender 32 served to feed all monitors for the director, assistant director, Watchout System operators, CasparCG operator, etc.”

During the event, Giochi di luce had to react in real time to any change of speaker or any attendance reaction. Giorgio Bodini explains how they managed it: “The convention followed a timeline, 90% of the show was pre-prepared through presets and the last 10% to the real-time management. Due to the huge amount of sources and master presets to think of, we splitted the number of output and screens between two operators operating the same system with two separate Web RCS laptops. What really helped us is that with the Ascender 32, you can drag and drop inputs instantaneously on layers. Meaning that you can save a preset with PIP position, key settings and then change the actual input displayed on that layer directly by dragging and dropping input into the layer. For us, the fact that you can switch an input directly on the Program is a revolution that has drastically changed the way we work. Now we can react quickly and directly during an event, using graphical inputs with different rates and resolutions as you can do with a camera switcher.”

The company worked on the same convention last year, Giorgio Bodini goes back on that event to illustrate how the Ascender 32 changed their way of working: “Last year when we did the same convention, the Ascender 32 wasn’t on the market at that time. We had a similar setup in terms of input/output but we had to use a lot of matrixes, distribution amplifiers, wiring, etc. Last year, we had 6 racks full of equipment and it took us two days of wiring and setup. This year with the Ascender 32s linked together, the wiring took us half a day and we had only one 8U rack to deal with. In addition, we had much more capabilities; we managed the real-time more reactively and we brought innovation. For example, thanks to the PIP and keying functions of the Ascender 32, we keyed all the PowerPoint contents above the native full resolution animated background, so all charts of the PowerPoint presentation had a transparent background and could be resized and repositioned freely, becoming part of the big projection, not just an insert. This increased the flexibility, the clarity and enhanced the presentation.”

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Giochi di luce is a well-known Italian based international technical partner for the event industry. They are known for their expert technical teams and handle all of the design and production aspects including logistic, location, technical and safety matters. High quality architectural video projection, 3D/mapping solutions, and development and implementation of high visual impact special LED stage set are some of the products Giochi di luce offers to their customers.

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