NeXtage 16 on tour with Ed Sheeran


Ed Sheeran, one of the most popular UK artists, recently ended his summer tour after 14 dates at the biggest European festivals. The singer used the same set on all dates, with AV equipment provided by Colonel Tom Touring LLC.

The stage was composed of four LED screens surrounding the singer to display graphics and content. To feed the screens, Barry Otto, owner of Colonel Tom Touring (CT Touring), selected Analog Way’s NeXtage 16 (Ref. NTX1604), a powerful seamless video processor. 

“My client needed to be able to manage multiple screen destinations with a small and powerful system. We looked at the show design, technical specifications and equipment space, and decided that the NeXtage 16 was the best solution for the show”, comments Otto. 

Sources for the NeXtage 16 included 4 x CamBall 3 remote cameras, plus the festivals’ FOH camera. The NeXtage 16 served to cut 5 possible camera sources into 4 layers formated in a way the Video Dust system needed. The Video Dust system was used to colorize and add effects on live camera images. Once treated it came back into the NeXtage 16 to output to the LED screens. 

For each show, Phil Mead, the NeXtage 16 operator, used the Web RCS to control the show in conjunction with the Shot Box to recall the 32 pre-prepared presets live. “The NeXtage 16 is a fantastic all-in-one box. It allows the handling multiple formats and it’s really easy-to-use. I loved the fact the product uses an interactive web GUI that’s very intuitive to learn and to operate. No software to install and it works cross platform. Plus I had 32 pre-defined presets that I triggered throughout the show. Being live, this could not be programmed so having the Shot Box to preview and make the selection was really helpful”, explains Mead.


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1 x NeXtage 16 (LiveCore)

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1 x Web RCS - LiveCore platform

Web RCS - LiveCore platform > See product

1 x NeXtage 16 - 4K (LiveCore)

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