Open Door Presbyterian Church upgrades its A/V system with Analog Way


Open Door Presbyterian Church (ODPC) is located in Herndon, Virginia. The ODPC consists of two churches installed on the same Herndon campus. The Korean-speaking congregation utilizes an 800 seat sanctuary, while the English-speaking worshipers gather in a 500-seat sanctuary, located 200 meters away from the Korean one.

The main Korean sanctuary experienced difficulties with its video system, which was lacking clarity and brightness. It turned to the integrator Genesis Technology to upgrade its system.
Michael Yoo, President at Genesis Technology, explains: “The content that was appearing on the screen was blurry, washed out and out-of-focus. The church wanted to solve the issue by purchasing new projectors. However, we recommended they first upgrade their video mixer”.

ODPC uses its A/V system for IMAG, video recording, and live streaming on the Internet. Two Sanyo PLC-XP200 video-projectors are used to display the worship service on 2 x 200’’ diagonal fixed high-gain screens flanking the stage.
The sources include 3 x Sony BRC-Z700 PTZ cameras with HD-SDI cards, 1 x Canon XL H1 stationery camera with HD-SDI output, and 4 computers for graphics.

“The challenge was to show the church how much difference in image quality a video mixer can make”, states Yoo. ODPC naturally followed the integrator’s recommendations as Genesis Technology had successfully installed the main sanctuary audio system, as well as the new youth group chapel.

“Because of its superior image quality and ease-of-use, we opted for Analog Way’s Eikos LE”. To prepare the presentation for each service and control the Eikos LE (Ref.EKS400) Mixer, the system was also upgraded with the Orchestra Show Controller (Ref.ORC50).

Most of the time, the Eikos LE is used in Mixer mode with a distribution amplifier to send the same signal to each screen. For special events, the Eikos LE is utilized in Matrix mode to make more dynamic presentations.

As explained by Michael Yoo, “The Analog Way products offer excellent image quality and very low latency. Our Analog Way Rep came to make a demo. The support he offered was the best. The church decided to buy the Analog Way system the same day”.

Genesis Technology
Located in Ashburn, VA, Genesis Technology, LLC specializes in custom installation and system integration of audio, video and lighting systems throughout the world. Everything from the initial design, acoustic analysis, budget developments, installation and training is professionally handled from one source by a staff of specialists. The company focuses activity on the House of Worship market.


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