OPS200 at Palo Alto High School's new Media Arts Center

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Palo Alto High School, based in the Silicon Valley, California - USA, has recently opened a new Media Arts Center building. This state-of-the-art building houses Journalism, Photography, Graphic Design, and Video Production programs. The new facility incorporates advanced technologies in terms of audiovisual equipment to provide students a multifunctional environment.
The Shalleck Collaborative, an AV consultant that offers comprehensive consulting services in the planning and design of spaces for the performing arts and production systems, was asked to design the AV system for the Media Arts Center. PCD, the AV contractor, did the installation.

The Shalleck Collaborative selected an Analog Way OPS200, a Multi-Layer, Hi-Resolution Mixer Seamless Switcher, for the central area of the building called the Forum. The Forum is three-story tall open area with an atrium in the middle, composed of a performance stage with a large screen (119 inch x 212 inch). The screen is fed by a Digital Projection 8,000 lumen projector. Monitors are placed all around the room to display student works, news broadcast, etc. The OPS200 is also linked to the new TV broadcast studio located in the building.

The OPS200 is used to switch all the live sources in the room to the large projection screen. Ian Hunter, Principal AV Designer at the Shalleck Collaborative, explains some applications that students will be able to do with Analog Wayís switcher: ďThey can plug-in a laptop computer down stage which brings up the studentís contents. There are also SDI tie-lines over to the TV broadcast studio room, so they can send and receive HD-SDI signals between the two work environments. The idea here is that they can do a live shoot in the TV broadcast studio and then can take that feed and send it over to the large screen located in the Forum. Conversely they can utilize a camera in the Forum, run it through Analog Wayís OPS200, and send that feed over to the TV studio for broadcast to the entire school.Ē

In terms of operation, the OPS200 is managed by both students and teachers. In this setup there are two modes for controlling the OPS200. Through a Crestron control system for basic applications, or for advanced applications control through the RK-300 Remote Control Keypad, with a pair of monitors.

Ian Hunter explains why he recommended Analog Wayís OPS200 for this facility: ďI use Analog Wayís products quite a lot. It is one of the few products that can take all different formats. For example there are a lot of products for broadcast that can only take HD-SDI and there are a lot of AV switchers that donít take HD-SDI, or analog. Also most of the AV switchers donít usually have the ability to do transitions like a broadcast switch, such as fade, keying, etc. Itís not many products that can combine different formats with the broadcast style switching, thatís why we use Analog Wayís switchers.Ē

Ian Hunter also recognizes the ease-of-use of Analog Wayís OPS200: ďLike any product it takes some time to learn how to use. But once you understand the concept behind how it works, itís very simple to use and to operate. Clients are very happy with this solution, particularly the fact that they can handle all different video formats. The ability to easily control the switcher in two ways for basic and advanced applications is also a big advantage. ď


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