PlayStation 4 launch in Argentina starring Analog Way systems

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2MGNET (an international rental and staging, corporate AV) was tasked with the AV production and setup of the all new Playsation 4 launch in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
For this event 2MGNET used two Analog Way Di-VentiX IIs (Ref. DVX8044), High-Res. Mixer/Seamless Switchers and one Pulse (Ref. PLS300), a High-Res. Mixer / Seamless Switcher.

The event was composed of three screens (one main screen and two side screens); 2MGNET had to provide 3 independent feeds for the main and side screens. Sources included the following: 2 x MacPro (one main, one backup, each with a Matrox Triplehead2GO), one laptop for PowerPoint presentations, another MacPro for keynote presentations, and SDI cameras for IMAG.

The first two MacPros utilized a Matrox Triplehead2GO, thus allowing for panoramic content to be displayed across all three screens at times. Outputs #1 and #3 of the Matrox Triplehead2GO were connected to the first Di-VentiX II, set in Matrix mode for the two side screens, while output 2 was connected to the second Di-VentiX II set in mixer mode, for the center screen. This allowed for independent screen content at times, and panoramic content at others.

In order to maximize the input capabilities of the second Di-Ventix II, 2MGNET used a Pulse as an upstream source to switch between SDI cameras, computers, and still frame content in the Logo and Frame memory of the Pulse.

This configuration allowed easily changing scene queues on all three screens from panoramic content, to individual screen feeds featuring IMAG and other custom content.


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2 x Di-VentiX II

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2 x Pulse

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