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Revive Korea
Revive Korea Revive Korea Revive Korea Revive Korea

Revive Korea is an international conference organized every year and gathering Christians from Korea and the rest of the world. In 2009, the conference took place in Seoul between November 16th and 19th. Over 4 days, speeches, services and concerts were held with the participation of famous ministers and pastors such as James Goll, Dutch sheets and Che Ahn.

The company Audio Visual Korea Co. was hired to handle the audiovisual system and service for this major event.
To ensure the good delivery of the speakers’ messages, a main projection of 13 x 3m with LED walls was achieved. In order to create an efficient and attractive display, the church required the ability to display up to 4 live PIPs (3 PIPs + 1PIP with Character titling source) and titling effects.

In that mean, Audio Visual Korea with the support of IoneSystem, opted for several units of Analog Way’s solutions.
One unit of the mixer seamless switcher Di-VentiX II was used to display the different PIPs. The machine was controlled by the remote console Axion.
Some PIPs were showing pastors or singers being shot by broadcast HD cameras and other were dedicated to computer sources for presentations, images and titling.

The video output option of the Di-VentiX II allowed having a real preview while being in embedded edge blending mode. Mr. Park Jiin from IoneSystem, explains: Di-VentiX IIwas very useful during the show. We really appreciated the Keying functions of the machine and control from the front panel. Moreover, the auto setting function was a big advantage. Most of the time, we are in a rush just before the beginning of shows. Thanks to the auto input select function, we could save time and manage the event easily.”

Analog Way’s Tetra-VIO was also part of the system. Two units of the multi-format converter were used to display banners on lateral LED walls.

The event was a big success and more than 5000 people attended the show.


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1 x Di-VentiX II

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1 x Tetra-VIO

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