Soft Edge and multi-screen projections with Ascender 48

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The Show Syndicate, a complete event staging company, was asked by one of their best production company clients to provide all the staging for a corporate event. The final client had organized a national sales meeting for its 300+ top sales staff. Over three days, the sales personnel participated in training, team building activities and entertainment events.

The Show Syndicate
 had a strong knowledge of Analog Way’s products since its beginning, chose to use Ascender 48 (Ref. ASC4806), a powerful multi-screen seamless switcher, to fulfill the staging requirements of its client. The client wanted a flexible “scenic” solution to adjust moment to moment with different thematic looks. Also, as part of this event was training, the content sent to the screens had to be of top-notch visual quality and present on screens when required. In terms of technical specifications, the event required IMAG, Soft Edge Blending, video playback and graphic support to fit the training and the entertainment portions of the show. 

The Show Syndicate settled on a blended “scenic widescreen” approach for the center up-stage, with 4 off stage content screens.
In details, The Show Syndicate had installed at the center of the stage a 10’x30’ widescreen fed by two Barco RLM-W12 projectors for the Soft Edge Blending. The four content screens off stage were 9’x16’s fed by Barco RLM-W8 projectors. Kyle M. Weir, Project Manager/Video Services Lead at The Show Syndicate describes the set-up: “With limited event space rigging points, we decided on a ground supported truss structure for all “flown” elements including Audio, Lighting and Screens. We were able to maintain a totally Digital/HD switching and signal distribution solution by starting with the Ascender 48."

Kyle who operated the Ascender 48 for the first time on this show, gives his first impression: “I feel that Ascender 48 and corresponding Web RCS features one of the fastest operator learning curves of a switcher with its capabilities. I had our show pre-programmed within 2 hours of removing Ascender 48 from its shipping container. Ascender 48 performed flawlessly on our first show with it. It easily could handle anything our production client or their end client requested of it.” 

To manage all the content displayed, four outputs of Ascender 48 were used.
Outputs #1 & #2 routed to the blended screen that featured a native background with multiple PIPs. Transitions used included intricate PIP relocations via Ascender 48’s effects library. Some PIPs also took advantage of the Ascenders 48’s border and drop shadow options. Output #3 routed to feed the four off stage screens on a single native resolution layer, and Output#4 for DSM/downstage confidence monitors. All outputs were sent in 1920x1080p via 3G HD-SDI Cable. 

Multiple sources were connected to Ascender 48 including various PC and MacBook laptops for PowerPoint and Keynote presentation, one laptop with ArKaos media server for entertainment events media content, speaker timer and Playback Pro+ Laptops. 

All show pre-programming, presets creation and management, and show operations were done with the Web RCS. Kyle defines the advantages: “I find the Web RCS to be one of the most efficient and intuitive control systems for a high-end switcher of this type. I’ve been operating large live events with other devices for years and none of them have come close to the ease of use of the Ascender 48 and the Web RCS. To sum-up, it offers at the same time: Speed of set-up, small unit footprint, Universal input/output signal type flexibility, pristine video processing and Web RCS editing and Live control. I appreciate the ability to cascade/link units for more complex event requirements. Overall the Ascender 48 features a very end user friendly operation with outstanding video output quality”. 

According to Kyle, one of the main advantages of the Ascender 48 is speed of setup using Web RCS:“Because of the in-shop pre-programming time, I was able to set it up on show site, populate the source inputs and run presets in about an hour on a show that featured a 3:1 blend, 4 outboard content screens and a downstage confidence monitor routes. Time is money and our client very much appreciated the speed of set-up with regards the show‘s budget. As a result of the Ascender 48’s outstanding video output quality and speed of set-up, the producer has requested it for upcoming events.” 

About The Show Syndicate 
The Show Syndicate was founded in 2004. The company based in Minneapolis, provides complete event staging services for the Corporate, Concert/Festival/Touring, Broadcast and Special Event markets. Services provided: Event design, CAD & Build, technical project management, technical direction, audio, lighting & video equipment rentals and full technical labor services. For more information:


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