Stunning tracking and mapping on video cube with NeXtage 16

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Simply Professional, a full service technical management and event staging company based in Mexico, conducted its first show with Analog Way’s new NeXtage 16. The company created an impressive display using video mapping, with motion tracking, on a large cube with the new powerful seamless video processor based on the LiveCore™ platform, NeXtage 16 (Ref. NTX1604).

Holcim, the world’s leading supplier of cement and aggregates, organized the event for its employees in Cancún, Mexico. The presentation to the 500 employee attendees covered the company’s products and strategies. Simply Professional was brought on to handle the technical production of the event.

Simply Professional installed a large “reverse” pyramid structure at the center of the room. The top of the structure was composed of 4 facades, 33x21ft each. The bottom of the structure was mobile and composed of 4 facades of 33x21ft each. To project on the pyramid, Simply Professional used 8 projectors (8K Lumens), and Analog Way’s NeXtage 16 with its Web RCS as the primary processor.

The objective was to provide impressive video mapping and tracking on the structure. As the bottom part was moving, Simply Professional created a stage design with Holcim’s product videos that ran with the movement of the structure.

For this event, Simply Professional utilized the communicative architecture of the NeXtage 16, allowing three operators on the Web RCS, all real time. Two operators were programming content in a separate room, while a third one was controlling the show.
Simply Professional created content for the background, but the presentation and the video tracking / mapping were all live. For the video tracking, the company used an infrared camera attached to a Millumin server to track the position of the bottom of the pyramid.
About 40 presets were pre-prepared, and the company used all the features of the NeXtage 16: Mosaïc preview, 4 PIPs on two independent outputs, background, logos, effects, etc.

Sebastian Corkidi, Director of Simply Professional, goes back to his first use of the NeXtage 16: “We used something that was completely new for us, especially the Web RCS, and I have to say we understood the philosophy of use of the LiveCore™ platform very quickly. The Web RCS is a great intuitive tool”.
The sources connected to the NeXtage 16 included three cameras for videos, one PC and one MAC. Two outputs of the NeXtage 16 were used to send sources in HD to all faces that were split: face 1/face 3 and face 2/face 4.

The most challenging in terms of set-up was the fact that the company did not have enough space to fix the projectors as wanted, so they had to make the adjustments with the NeXtage 16: “When using the NeXtage 16, something that is normally a challenge becomes very simple. We did all the adjustments to correct the size of the PIPs with the Web RCS and that was really fast. All the contents we displayed were on time, at their right place and in great quality.”


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