Swank Audio Visuals Manages Conference with Processing Solutions by Analog Way

Swank Audio Visuals uses Analog Way equipment for the National Union of Kuwait Students
National Union of Kuwait Students by Swank AV with Analog Way Nine screen projection with Analog Way's processing and switching solutions Soft Edge Blending with Di-VentiX II by Analog Way

The 28th Annual Conference of the National Union of Kuwaiti Students by Swank Audio Visuals

Every year, the USA Branch of the National Union of Kuwaiti Students (NUKS) hosts a networking conference for Kuwaiti students, who are currently studying in the United States.

The 28th Annual Conference of the NUKS was held at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza hotel in Beverly Hills, during the past Thanksgiving Holiday. Over four days, about 1,500 students participated in the event, themed “Aspiring Generation; Homeland Restoring Glories.”

The conference seminars covered a range of topics, including religion, economics, politics and culture. A secondary component of the conference featured activities and entertainment events held on the sidelines.

Swank Audio Visuals, an international audio visual service provider for the hotel, resort, meeting and conference center industries, oversaw the event. Kirby Lee, Area Technical Director at Swank Audio Visuals, explains, “The event was attended by college-age students. The conference included a mix of classic presentations, performances by a stand-up comic, and a full traditional orchestra of 20 musicians backing a Syrian female vocalist.”

In the main ballroom of the hotel, the Swank Audio Visuals team produced a massive video display with a total of nine screens on stage. “We opted for a 10’ x 30’ blended screen on center stage, flanked by three vertically stacked 60’’ flat panels displays,” said Lee. “Flanking the stage were two additional 7’ x 12’ screens with Swank scenic screen surrounds.”

The entire projection was flown from FOH truss, supporting two Christie Roadster HD video-projectors for the center wide screen, and two EIKI LC-XT4 LCD projectors for the two outer screens.

Audiovisual System and Analog Way’s Processing Capabilities

To achieve soft-edge blending projection on the central screen, Swank Audio Visuals chose Analog Way’s Di-VentiX II. “We selected the Di-VentiX II because thanks to this box, creating a good-looking blend is possible and pretty easy,” said Lee. “In addition, this show was interesting because we didn’t know what the content was going to be onsite, so having a device that offers four PIP layers on top of the background image gave us more flexibility. We were ready to do PIP, deal with different aspect ratios…whatever came out, that’s what we were ready to do!”

A second Di-VentiX II unit was used in matrix mode for the two 7’ x 12’ screens. Thanks to the two independent outputs offered by the device, the content of the presentation could seamlessly be displayed on each lateral screen. The main and preview for both screens could be visualized on a single monitor.

In terms of sources, the show relied on both video and computer sources: two Sony DXC-D50 cameras, playback pro and several show computers. In addition to recording the show on AJA KiPros, Swank Audio Visuals streamed the event live with Sonic Foundry’s Mediasite Recorder.

Analog Way’s Pulse Dual Scaler Mixer Seamless Switcher was instrumental to controlling the six flat-panel displays surrounding the central screen. The whole show was controlled through Analog Way’s Orchestra.

“This show was almost an all-digital signal affair, and the Analog Way equipment offered more connectivity in the digital realm than the switchers we had grown accustomed to, which was a huge advantage for this show,” said Lee. “We ran HD-SDI to the blend projectors and DVI to all the other displays. The majority of our sources were also digital signals.”

Over the past months, Swank Audio Visuals acquired a wide selection of Analog Way’s processing and switching systems to produce events in its various partner hotels. Lee said, “It has become apparent to us at Swank Audio Visuals that as the ‘analog sunset’ approaches, we must prepare for the onslaught of sources that will offer only digital outputs. The Analog Way line is well equipped to do just that; carrying 3G HD-SDI onboard means we are ready for the future. Also, the modular design of the product line allows for scaling the switching system up simply by adding more boxes and a controller — very flexible!”

Swank Audio Visuals
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