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The International Diabetes Federation (IDF) is a worldwide alliance of over 200 national diabetes associations in more than 160 countries. To help all diabetes stakeholders connect, exchange state-of-the-art knowledge and put forward recommendations to strive for fighting against diabetes, IDF organizes every two years the World Diabetes Congress. The 20th World Diabetes Congress was held in Montreal, Canada, the birthplace of insulin.

Interview with Yannick Provencher, Regional Operation Manager of Duocom

During 5 days, over 400 speakers and 12,000 international delegates attended the event to access the latest information and opinion from the scientific community, discuss key issues in diabetes care, and exchange information on how available resources can best be used to tackle the global diabetes problem.

What were the project specifications?
Yannick Provencher: “We were chosen by the International Diabetes Federation to deliver the 20th World Diabetes Congress, a large scale event. Held at the Palais des Congrès de Montreal, the space used for the Congress had a seating capacity of 4,500 attendees.
It was a multi-purpose room used to host the whole event: opening ceremony, plenary, breakout sessions and symposium of different pharmaceutical companies. We had to design the A/V system for the event and do the set-up accordingly. Everything had to be thought long in advance to coordinate every need required.”

What were your customer’s needs in terms of audiovisual systems for this event?
YP: “The primary objective of the massive A/V system used on that convention was to deliver speakers’ messages properly to all attendees. To do so, we used 3 large 18’x32’ screens for the stage, together with 4 x 10.5’x14’ screens and 6 x 9’x12’ for the rest of the room. The 3 main screens had to be fed in 1080p HD, so all the process needed to be switched in 1080p as well. The customer also requested the ability of displaying 2 PIPs on a live background.”

Which audiovisual equipment did you use for the congress?
YP: “For the video projection, we used 3 x Christie 18K HD video-projectors. We also used 3 units of Analog Way Di-VentiX II mixer seamless switcher. Equipped with 4 live layers, Di-VentiX II allows to display up to 3 PIPs on a live background. We used the PIPs for IMAG, to display speakers shot by Sony DXF-D50 cameras, and for powerpoint presentations. We also used other products from Analog Way on this show, including two units of the multi-format converter Tetra-VIO and the remote controller Axion.”

Why did you choose Analog Way products for this event?
YP: “I’ve been working with Analog Way’s solutions since a long time. I like the ease of use of these products, their high quality and cost-effectiveness. In particular, we really appreciated the versatility of the Di-VentiX II. The machine offers great ROI since I can use it as a simple seamless switcher, in matrix mode or for Soft Edge Blending applications.
We convinced our customer, who was a long time Folsom user, that we were able to meet all his requirements and specifications with Analog Way gear. The equipment turned out with the quality expected and without a single glitch during the whole week of the convention. Besides Analog Way provides great products, the other big advantage is customer service. Any time needed, I can call and someone will help me out right from there. Doing live events, I don’t have the luxury to wait for a call back the day after. Analog Way also does a lot in R&D and they consult their clients when designing new products. It’s priceless.”

What challenges did you encounter during the show?
YP: “One of the big challenges was to deliver the set-up in 12 hours only. We started at midnight and needed to be ready for rehearsals at 1pm. We had a tight schedule, so it is worth to say that staffing this event with high-end technicians was a priority to the client. We put our best talents on the job. Regarding the equipment, we received our Di-VentiX II a week before the show. The machine offers many possibilities, and to make sure we were right on the target, Benoit Lamy, Analog Way Sales Rep based in New York, offered to come down to Montreal for the set-up and rehearsals, to make sure everything was running smoothly. His presence was reassuring and he helped us to push the limits of the machine. ”

Were you satisfied with the use of Analog Way products?
YP: “We were very satisfied indeed. The Analog Way equipment and its processing capabilities allowed us to handle all the elements provided by the customer with different formats, and make all the necessary adjustments to display HD images easily.”


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