The AMTC Summer discovers talent for tomorrow during a spectacular show


Actors, Models and Talent for Christ (AMTC) is a company whose mission is to educate and promote actors, models, singers, and dancers to become stars of film, fashion, and theatre. Since 1982, AMTC pursues this objective in accordance with Christian values of truth, faith, hope and righteousness.

Every year, AMTC organizes a multi-day convention held twice a year that features singers, dancers, actors and models from across the United States. The event is held at the world-famous Gaylord Palms Resort in Orlando - Florida - where contestants are given the opportunity to be seen by agents, managers, talent scouts and directors from around the world.

From July 6 to 11, the AMTC Summer 2010 was attended by more than two thousands contestants, family members and agents. The event was produced by the company Innovative Event Services (IES).

Thomas Smith, Owner of IES and Show Director/Producer for the AMTC since 2002, explains: "With a tight time schedule and demanding audience of family and world renowned judges, the Audio Visual elements are of utmost importance. There is no time for equipment failure and extremely high quality is expected."
The show was divided into multiple rooms, each one having its own audio visual requirements. The main ballroom of 46,000 square foot was used for seminars, modeling competitions, the talent show of the top 40 singers, dancers and standup comedians, and finally the grand awards banquet. "The largest challenge with this space is the sheer size of the room, coupled with the numerous changes and reconfigurations of the space over the course of the event", comments Smith.
In order to handle IMAG, power point and video presentations, IES used 275" projection screens that were installed on each side of the stage.
The video projection was achieved thanks to 2 x Christie 10K video-projectors, 4 Sony HD cameras, 1 x Grass Valley camera switcher as well as Analog Way's Eikos LE and Quattro Vue FX.
Eikos LE was the primary switcher/scaler for the event. "I chose the Analog Way products because this particular show required a variety of inputs and outputs", explains Smith.

Used in mixer mode, the Eikos LE had two frames stored for theme graphics. The product's main out was going to the two projection screens and the preview out was going to a LCD. The video out went SDI to a hard drive recorder and was switched over to composite at one point for a live webcast.
Smith adds: "The ability to easily switch between an SDI output for recording and a composite one for a webcast is a great attribute of the Eikos LE."
The sources included 3 x desktop computers with VGA, 1 x laptop with VGA, 1 x Playback Pro via DVI, 1 x DVD via component and 3 x HD/SDI cameras routed through a Grass Valley SDI switcher via the SDI input of the Eikos LE.
"In years prior to this event, we had to use multiple switcher/scalers to route the various signal types. This presented a huge problem with keeping the video in sync with the live action. Other switchers would introduce a very noticeable latency and by using the Eikos LE, this was completely solved."

The mosaic preview of the machine helped easily getting an overview of all inputs when necessary. Besides the powerful processing capabilities of the Eikos LE, the product also allowed to get the job done while saving costs: "The system is simple enough that I did not have to keep a dedicated video engineer at the tech table at all times. When we went into seminars, the audio or lighting tech could easily punch up a logo or power point presentation, saving the client a large amount of money."
Smith concludes: "Analog Way provides a very powerful and robust product line that is easy enough for nonprofessionals to use, while being reliable enough for the most demanding situations".


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