The Climate Summit for Mayors in Copenhagen with Analog Way's solutions

Climate Summit
Climate Summit 1 Climate Summit - Control room

Outside the COP15 Meeting, the international summit on climate change, the city of Copenhagen organized the Climate Summit for Mayors.
The company AV Center was chosen by the City of Copenhagen to handle the A/V system for this event.

Interview with Mikkel Behrend, Rental Manager at AV Center Copenhagen.

The event gathered the most powerful mayors from almost 80 cities all over the world as well as influential politicians and other key actors fighting to protect the environment. Among the figures who attended the summit were Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mayor of New York city Michael Bloomberg and Sir Richard Branson, Chairman of Virgin Group.
During four days, cities demonstrated that they are on the frontline of climate change. Politicians shared best practices and discussed about how they could provide new solutions to take up the challenge of climate change.

What were the City's requirements for the Climate Summit for Mayors?
Mikkel Behrend: "The job was to transform the City Hall of Copenhagen into a discussion platform with 5 different podiums where 5 discussions were held at the same time.
A huge wide screen was displaying live pictures from each room. Thanks to interpretation systems, the audience could tune into their preferred room and listen to the live discussion.
To achieve this, we provided the whole A/V system including a complete sound, light and video setup with 5 mobile 2-camera productions, mixing equipment, a screen of 81 sqm and the interpretation system."

What A/V equipment did you use for the show?
MB: "In order to ensure the good delivery of the different discussions to the audience and to deal with time pressure, we opted for reliable equipment:
- 2 x Analog Way Di-VentiX II – Multi Layer Hi-Resolution Mixer Seamless Switcher
- 1 x Analog Way Axion - Event Controller
- 2 x Digital Projection HD45 Lightening Projectors
- 30.000 Ansilumens each (one for the show and the other one for back up)
- 1 x Fiberline connection between Di-VentiX II Seamless Switchers and Digital Projection projectors
- 5 complete 2 camera productions
- 1 NEXO line array speaker / amps system
- 40 channels wireless microphone system
- Complete light setup with LED moving heads and light controls
- Bosch DCN interpretation system with 500 delegate units
- Bosch DCN transmission system
- Live-Video link connection to the "Hopenhagen Area" in front of the City Hall
There were a lot of wireless frequencies running at the same time and it was a challenge to handle them."

Why did you choose Analog Way's products on this show?
MB: "We needed the ability to display 5 PIPs over a background on the screen. PIPs were showing the discussion being shot live on each podium.
To achieve this, we used 2 units of Analog Way's Di-VentiX II. One unit was used to display 3 PIPs, and the other unit was handling 2 PIPs and a background that was sent from a PC. Finally, the devices were handling computer, SDI and HD SDI video formats.
We are used to recommend Analog Way solutions because we know the products very well and know that they are very reliable. We've been working with Analog Way's products for 12 years. They are great products to work with and support and service is super. The products fulfilled the technical challenges and we met our customer's requirements. The Copenhagen City Hall was very happy with the event and the A/V system."


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