The US House of Representatives goes digital with Analog Way's scan converters

US House of Rep

In the context of analog to digital transition, the US House of Representatives launched the upgrade of its facilities. The Phase I of the project included the high-definition video production control room upgrade for the House Recording Studio (HRS).

Interview with Kevin Filano, Systems Design Engineer at Professional Products Inc.

Located in the new Capitol Visitor’s Center in Washington, DC, the HRS provides radio and television recording services to allow The House conveying information to its constituents, the media and the public. To ensure a smooth transition to digital, the company Professional Products, Inc. was chosen for its long-lasting experience for government clients.

Kevin Filano: “The US House of Representatives required a HD control room for its Recording Studio in order to support the live events within The House. The project is still in transition mode from current system to new, but Phase I was completed in December 2008. PPI worked as the consultants. We were able to work closely with them during consultancy and were awarded the design.”
“PPI’s experience with the Federal government goes back 43 years. Government clients have an extremely diverse and wide-ranging set of communications needs. We have a long history of innovation and cost-effective solutions for government clients and we offer them the latest products.”

“The House Recording Studio provides the video recording and telecast of the proceedings from the main chamber of the US House of Representatives. The HRS currently sends the live signal to the Capitol closed circuit television system and to the Capitol Hub room. The Hub room distributes the live signal to various news agencies. The HRS delivers recorded copies of all proceedings to the National Archives and the Library of Congress. Tapes of all proceedings are also available for House members to review in the HRS main facility.”

What were your customers’ requirements for the installation?
KF: “The overall goal was to upgrade them into the digital age and be able to record HD and supply HD to the TV networks. They have an existing analog control room that has been in service for over 25 years. Most of the equipment is 25 years old with only a few updates over the years. With all the major networks providing HD now, live coverage from the House needs to be in HD. They will be running in 720P, but the system is capable of 1080i.”

What is the primary usage of the A/V system within the facility?
KF: “The primary usage is to record/archive live events within The House. Primary sources are HD cameras via SMPTE Fiber. Other sources may include a variety of computer signals.”

What Analog Way products were installed in the facility?
KF: “We needed a broadcast quality HD scan converter, so we used 4 x Broad Scan HD (Ref. BHD930-DG) from Analog Way. These units replace a handful of Extron analog scan converters used in their analog control room.
The Analog Way systems allow a variety of computer signals to be scan converted to HD to allow seamless transition between live video and computer images.”

Why did you choose Analog Way products for this facility?
KF: “We’ve been installing Analog Way products for at least 7 years. We picked the Broad Scan HD units because they are easy to configure and for their high quality scaling and very low failure. These products help simplify the workflow at the House Recording Studios, and ultimately help saving time.”

Was your customer satisfied?
KF: “Yes, they were. PPI has been contracted for Phase II of the House Recording Studio high-definition upgrade project. Phase II will include two HD studios/control rooms and a technical equipment core in the House Recording Studios main facility in the Rayburn office building.”


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