VIO 4K Succeeded in its First Competition

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The 48th edition of the Biathlon World Championship (BWC) was held in Oslo, Norway from March 3-13, 2016. The Norway-based company Mediatec Solutions, one of the largest Scandinavian companies specializing in large live production screens for sports and outside venues, managed the on-site AV setup and the live transmission of the tournament with the VIO 4K, Analog Way’s new multi-format converter.

Jostein Hamre, Video Technician at Mediatec Solutions explains the choice: “To be able to complete this job, we needed to invest in a new set of scalers for LED-screen applications. Analog Way had just announced the release of the VIO 4K, and we liked what we heard about this product. We have a lot of experience with Analog Way’s products. We have used the OPS300 for many years, and have invested in several Ascender 48 - 4K - PL and Saphyr during the autumn. We are very satisfied with these products; therefore, choosing the VIO 4K as our next LED scaler was an easy choice.”

In terms of technical setup, Mediatec Solutions provided seven LED-screens installed around the venue. Three of the LED-screens were managed by the VIO 4K. The screens displayed the live feeds from the arena production in combination with the international feed and also sponsor banners. The main challenge with this job was the multi-locations signal routing. The main function of the VIO 4K was to receive an HD-SDI signal, to convert it into DVI and to scale the image to fit the screens. The test patterns of the VIO 4K were also used during the setup of the screens in order to make sure they were working properly. VIO 4K was controlled directly from its front panel.

Hamre discusses on the control of the VIO 4K: “The front panel is really easy to use, and with the quality of the screen, it is easy to see what you are doing. The possi- bility to monitor input signals in the front panel screen is an important feature. Also, all of the LED related features, like moving test patterns and test patterns with panel ID are great. These features are tools that make our job easier and are some of the reasons why we are very happy with our choice.»

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Mediatec Solutions Norway is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mediatec Group. Mediatec Group is one of Europe’s largest corporations delivering integrated technical solutions for event and television productions. In March 2015 they became part of the NEP Worldwide Network, giving them access to resources all over the world including 120 HD Outside Broadcast Units and 14000sqm of modular LED. Their mission is to supply the right technology and to make sure that it works.


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