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A-Stock is comprised of brand new products that have been discontinued. All products are unused and have been tested, updated to the latest firmware. The warranty on these products carries three-month to three-year worldwide.

B-Stock are fully checked out by Analog Way’s Technical Services and certified to be in good working order and up to original manufacturer’s specifications. B-Stock is refurbished and is comprised of previously sold products that have been returned or new products used for demonstration purposes (Exhibitions, Roadshows,…).
B-Stock products may have minor cosmetic blemishes (scratches and paint chips). All refurbished products have been tested, updated to the latest firmware and carry the full Analog Way warranty worldwide.

Stock Reference Product Name Description Qty Warranty Contact Us
A SMA415 Smart Switch Audio Multiway Universal Audio Switcher (Stereo & Balanced Audio Analog Switcher) 6 3 months
A SMB413 Smart Booster Multiway Universal Video Switcher (Computer, HDTV, TV, Component, S-Video). 11 3 months
A EQZ450 Equalizer Interface Universal Analog Interface with Cable Compensation for very Long Distance (1000 ft) 51 1 year
A SMV415 Smart Switch Video Multiway Universal Video Switcher (Computer, HDTV and TV, Component, S-Video). 9 3 months
A ESC341 Easy Cut High Resolution Video Seamless Swticher/Scaler with Audio 1 1 year
A RK10 RK10 Remote Control Keypad for Easy Range: ESC341, EFD341 5 3 months
A RK8022-T RK8022 / RK8022-T Remote Control Keypad for iX Range: DVX8022, EVX8022, CTX8022, NTX8022 1 3 months
A RKD100 RKD100 Remote Keypad for OFX803, OFD803, OCP803, QVX421,QVP421,QFX402,QTD402, QTA401 2 3 months