Secure Power Unit - SPU001

Innovative External Power Accessory for select LiveCore™ Switchers
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Secure Power Unit at a glance:
> Power protection module for select LiveCore™ devices
> Dual power supplies provide redundancy against branch circuit failure
> Battery module secures against mains loss or unstable power

To protect the following Seamless Switchers:
> ASC4806: Ascender 48
> ASC3204: Ascender 32
> ASC1602: Ascender 16
> SMX12x4: SmartMatriX Ultra

Key features:
• Slots for up to two hot-swappable power supplies
• Battery module provides approx. 10 minutes of power in case of mains loss, permitting time to restore power or back up the system
• Replaces the existing removable power supply of the LiveCore™ device, which can be used as second supply in SPU001
• Advanced status monitoring through LiveCore™ Web RCS through RS232 link

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