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Digi Scan 1600 - DSV1600

DSV1600 at a glance:
> Professional High Resolution Scan Converter with Genlock and SDI output
> Up to 1600x1200 input resolution
> Up to 16 different input formats are stored in the device permanent memory
> Fully controlled and updated via RS232 com port
> SDI output

• PC, Mac compatible input
• DVI and RGB Computer Input up to 1600x1200
• Genlock: Black Burst
• All Genlock timings meet broadcast ITU/SMPTE standards

• SDI output together with NTSC/PAL, S.Video and RGB/YUV
• All video outputs are available simultaneously

• 8 level anti-flickers
• Genlock input with loop through
• Horizontal & Vertical filters
• Auto-Scan to 130 kHz
• Linear Pan & zoom resizing up to 500 %
• Menu control with LCD
• Freeze Button
• RS232 Upgradable
• Remote Control Software (PC only)


Technical Datasheet :

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User Manual :

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