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TRK-800 - TRK-800

TRK-800 at a glance:
> Powerful High-End Remote Controller
> Controls up to 3 different switchers
> Precision Fader and Mini-Joystick for easy element control
> Ethernet LAN RJ45 connector for easy connection
> Double Large VFD display offering high contrast menu and status

To control the following Seamless Switchers
> EKS500: Eikos
> EKS400: Eikos LE
> OPS300: OPS300
> OPS200: OPS200
> SMX200: Smart MatriX
> SMX100: Smart MatriX LE
> PLS300: Pulse
> PLS200: Pulse LE
> SVU300: Smart Vu
> SVU200: Smart Vu LE
> SQD200: Smart Quad
> STE100: Smart Edge
>STE200 : Smart Egde FX


Technical Datasheet :

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