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V-Scale - VSL121

VSL121 at a glance:
> Improves the quality of any video signal
> Easy-to-use menus
> Provides Audio/Stereo switching following the video input
> Increases Video Image sharpness and brightness
> Ideal device for conference room installations

• 2 Composite or 1 Composite and 1 S.Video
• Computer Analog Input up to UXGA
• Auto switch

• Computer RGBHV, RGBS, RGsB output
• Audio Stereo outputs

Operation Modes & Effects
• Aspect Ratio preserved
• Frame Rate Converter and Follower & ARC
• Auto 3:2/2:2 Pull Down
• Audio Stereo Switcher
• RS232 Com Port
• Remote Control Software (PC Only)
• Freeze Button
• Frame alerte memory on Sync Loss 
• 1/2 19‘‘ Rack Mountable


Technical Datasheet :

High Resolution Pictures :

User Manual :

Current Firmware :

Current Remote Control Software :