Axion2 - ARC200

High-End Remote Controller for Large Events/Multi-Venues/Integration
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  • Sequences Mode

  • Off-line programming

  • Touch Screen

  • Joystick

  • T-Bar

  • Controls Different Switchers

ARC200 at a glance:
> New User-friendly Remote Controller
> Control of several Switchers
> Sequences Mode
> Off-Line Programming
> Large 16/9 TFT color touch screen for preview of all configurations
> Can store up to 90 presets per screen selection

To control the following Seamless Switchers:
> DVX8044: Di-VentiX II
> EKS500: Eikos
> EKS400: Eikos LE
> OPS300: OPS300
> OPS200: OPS200
> SMX200: Smart MatriX
> SMX100: Smart MatriX LE
> PLS300: Pulse
> PLS200: Pulse LE
> SVU300: Smart Vu
> SVU200: Smart Vu LE
> SQD200: Smart Quad
> STE100: Smart Edge
> STE200:Smart Edge FX
> EKS550: Eikos²
> SPX450: Saphyr
> PLS350-3G: Pulse²-3G
> QVU150: QuickVu
> QVU150-3G: QuickVu-3G
> QMX150: QuickMatriX
> SMX250: SmartMatriX²

External Programming
All Presets can be prepared on the system. Axion2 and recalled by Control Systems. Templates can be selected and filled by any source. Simple and affordable, the Axion2 saves time and money by programming complicated presets which can be recalled by a third party controller and later changed without reprogramming the third-party controller.

Special tips
The Axion2 can be controlled by an external controller from CRESTRON®, AMX® or any other major control system.

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