Shot Box2 - LiveCore & Midra platforms - SB80-2

Cost effective solution to easily control the presets on the LiveCore™ and Midra™ series
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Shot Box at a glance:
> 76 function-labeled keys
> Customizable blue and red backlighting
> Readily operational on all LiveCore™ series and Midra™ series via the RCS² software
> USB connection to PC or Mac

Key features:
User Controls
• 70 keys to load instantly Master presets, Screen presets or Confidence Screen presets (up to 140 presets available for LiveCore™ series and up to 64 presets available for Midra™ series)
• 4 keys for the Customizable Monitoring/Preview (8 presets available: LiveCore™ series only)
• 1 large key for the Page selection (LiveCoreTM series only)

• 1 large key for the Take button

• 1 USB connector

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