AW VideoCompositor - LiveCore platform - AWVDC

Allows developers to control with minimal programming the advanced features of any LiveCore™ AV processor and build innovative solutions using a single Crestron® touchscreen
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Package includes:
•  The Smart Graphics™ modules. They can be installed easily via the Windows setup application provided. There are 4 different Smart Graphics™ modules automatically installed:

- AW Video Compositor
- AW Video Perspective Renderer (optional)
- AW Frames/Logos Configurator (optional)
- AW Text Entry (optional)
• The Crestron driver for controlling the advanced features of any LiveCore™ AV
• A SIMPL+® example program that demonstrating the various features
• A XPanel project running with the SIMPL+® sample program provided
• Help files in English
 Key Features:
• Visualize the whole scene in real time with layer positions and dynamic sources snapshots
• Use the touchscreen to resize or adjust layer position
• Drag and drop sources directly onto layer
• Control multiple screens simultaneously (Preview & Program)
• Compatible with Perspective Layer screens (requires ASC48-4K-PL)
• Change the native background
• Configure input settings (current plug, HDCP, freeze…)
• Configure the Monitoring output mosaic with a simple flick of the finger
• Configure Confidence screen(s) current layout and load Presets
• Select a frame or a logo from the image library with simple drag and drop gesture
• Recall Presets or Master Presets with seamless transitions
• Compatible with 3-Series Crestron processors with Ethernet
• Compatible with any LiveCore™ seamless switcher
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