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Event Controllers

To control a single mixer /switcher or multiple units, Analog Way offers a large range of Remote Keypads and Show Controllers. They can command all Analog Way’s Mixers and third parties devices. For high-grade integration projects or large events, some of our Event Controllers can be controlled by external control systems.


Premium Remote Controller for large Events/Multi-venues

Rackmount Control Unit

Rack mountable master control unit for creating system solutions for large-scale video walls applications


Powerful intuitive and ergonomic Remote Controller for Rental & Staging/Multi-Venues/Integration


Remote Control Keypad designed to control Analog Way’s Seamless Switchers

Control Box2 - LiveCore platform

Advanced solution to easily control the presets on the LiveCore™ series

Shot Box2 - LiveCore & Midra platforms

Cost effective solution to easily control the presets on the LiveCore™ and Midra™ series

RCS2 - Midra platform

Optimized Remote Control Software for intuitive control of the Midra™ platform.

Web RCS - LiveCore platform

Optimized Web Remote Control Software for intuitive control of the LiveCore platform

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TCP/IP Ethernet Connection
Off-line Programming
Sequences Programming
LCD for Control Menu
Touch Screen
USB Port
Preset Memories
Buttons for direct access to inputs
Switchers controlled
Ascender 48 - ASC4806
Ascender 32 - ASC3204
Ascender 16 - ASC1602
Di-VentiX II - DVX8044
Eikos² - EKS550
Eikos - EKS500
Eikos LE - EKS400
NeXtage 08 - NXT0802
NeXtage 16 - NXT1604
Octo Value - OXE831
OPS200 - OPS200
OPS300 - OPS300
Pulse² - PLS350
Pulse - PLS300
Pulse LE - PLS200
Quattro Value - QXE421
QuickMatriX - QMX150
QuickVu - QVU150
Smart Edge - STE100
Smart Edge FX - STE200
SmartMatriX² - SMX250
SmartMatriX Ultra - SMX12x4
Smart MatriX - SMX200
Smart MatriX LE - SMX100
Smart Quad - SQD200
Smart Vu - SVU300
Smart Vu LE - SVU200
Saphyr - SPX450